Don’t Give Up on Those Resolutions…

It’s New Year’s Resolution Revolution Day!

Okay, we’re only two weeks into the new year and yet, some of us need to ask ourselves: how well are we keeping our resolutions? “Just fine,” we say, with our fingers crossed behind our backs. Well, we all know those dumbbells aren’t going to exercise themselves… not to mention, that all of that healthy food we bought isn’t helping if it’s still stuck in the fridge! So, let’s put on some sweats and get busy working up an appetite for that veggie smoothie! Remember, we don’t have to look buff, we just have to keep at it when the going gets tough. We can do it…and we’ll feel better for it, too!

Here’s a little more incentive…a few websites with some great smoothie recipes!



Top 10 Resolutions and How to Keep Them!

How to Stay True to a New Year’s You…

Get Fit

Two words to make this work: buddy system! Having a
friend share this goal can make all the difference. If you can find a diet and exercise partner at work or in your neighborhood, nothing beats mutual motivation when it comes to getting in shape and keeping fit.

Eat Healthy

Don’t take this to extremes, since old habits can die hard. The key to making it work is to mix it up and make it fun. Turn those vegetables from a chore into a score with a mouth-watering veggie smoothie! Keep a checklist of your achievements, and reward yourself with a little dessert made with fruit, just to help keep it healthy.

Broaden Your Horizons

The easiest way to maintain this resolution is to visit your local library. Besides the volumes of information right at your fingertips, ask a librarian if they know of any classes teaching the very thing you’ve been wanting to learn.

Get Debt Free

The best way? Budget yourself. Take an inventory of a month’s worth of income and spending and cut back to the bare essentials. You might be surprised how quickly you can dig yourself out of debt when you trim the fat and put that extra cash toward paying down credit cards and student loans.

Save Money

Now that you’ve dug yourself out of debt, it’s time to set some aside. Start out small with a “rainy day” account and make it a point not to touch it—even when it’s raining! Use the money you’ve saved from cutting back on expenses toward the account, too. Also, take advantage of any retirement savings programs you can through work. It’s these little things that can add up nicely!

Family Comes First

Home is where the heart is! Make it easy on yourself—pick up the phone to catch up, make time for a nice little meal together, or even a fun family game, indoors or outside. It’s also been shown that getting together with good friends has a positive impact on health, both emotionally and physically.

Time to Travel

You don’t have to have a passport to make this work. Get out a map and see how far a tank of gas will get you. Chances are, there’s a whole host of excursions just waiting to be discovered.

Decompress from Stress

Breathe. Breathe in the good,            
breathe out the bad, and repeat. Clear your mind of clutter. Release yourself from expectations and just go with the flow. Remember, relaxation techniques can help anyone cope with stress, especially if used along with other helpful activities like exercise, getting enough sleep and engaging in favorite hobbies.

Lend a Helping Hand

Start with the small stuff—read to a neighbor’s child if the parent is busy and could use a hand. Or, simply sit and visit. A friendly chat is a great way to brighten someone’s day. Have a skill and know someone who could use your help? Those golden opportunities are right around the corner, ready to help make this resolution stick!


Going green is easier than you think. Find out what eco-friendly programs are available in your city. Then, take a moment every day to separate recyclables from non-recyclables. The Earth will thank you!

Good luck with the resolutions you make and don’t be discouraged if you find that you’re not keeping the pace you want with the changes you’d like to make. Tomorrow is always another day…another chance to begin again.