Tips for Writing A Christmas Letter…

It’s that wonderful time of year when you look forward to connecting with friends and family, sending good tidings and sharing the events of your year in a Christmas letter.

Here are a few good tips to help you write an interesting and welcome piece that everyone will enjoy:

  • Be positive—share some special highlights from the year that might put a smile on the faces of those reading your letter…add some quips of cute things the kids have said, a photo of the dog wearing a funny hat, or unique anecdotes about things that happened during the year.
  • Share a little family history, something you’ve learned that makes a difference in the ways you approach life, or something you feel especially grateful for.
  • Perhaps try something a little different this year–let everyone in the family write a little section of the letter, adding their own unique perspective to the year.
  • If you have a unique achievement, mention it, but refrain from bragging. It’s best to leave the bragging rights to new grandmas and their favorite little ones.
  • If you traveled someplace special, you can share some of what you learned about your destination. Perhaps tell something about its people or culture that you found enjoyable or fascinating.
  • Share a little update about your family dynamics, especially marriages, graduations and other milestone events. Offer an insight about how that change has affected the family.
  • If you’ve discovered an intriguing method for preparing your favorite Christmas cookies, or you’ve learned how to make your own biscotti, why not share the recipe so everyone can try it if they like.
  • Be sure to encourage family and friends to keep you informed of their lives as well so they know you are truly interested in them.
  • Be sure to send your love, your good wishes, and your hopes for them for the year ahead. After all, the point of the letter is to keep you connected with the people who are truly important to you.
  • On a final note, remember to keep the letter about one page in length as everyone gets a lot of letters at Christmastime. Make sure it’s spaced well and is in a readable font. You might even add a nice quote to inspire everyone in the coming year.

Don’t forget to have fun writing your letter. Share your love, your heart, and your genuine delight in connecting with those who mean the world to you at Christmas and all through the year.