Holiday Entertaining

The holidays are the time for us to open up our hearts and homes to others. It’s both exciting and a little daunting. Here are some easy holiday entertaining tips to help keep the spirit jolly this season!


Be sure to send your invites at least two weeks in advance. Don’t forget the who, what, where and when! Also, a quick menu preview is a great idea, as guests appreciate knowing type of food will be served.


Delight your guests with bright and festive decorations! Use holiday colors such as red, green, silver and gold. Wreaths and garland are whimsical touches, as is the traditional Christmas tree – why not invite guests to join in the fun of decorating it with you?

 Food Prep

Prepare as many foods in advance as possible, so you can spend your time with your guests and not in the kitchen.


Make sure everyone gets in the holiday spirit with a wide selection of drinks. Hot apple cider is warm and cheery, and a hot chocolate bar is always enjoyable for all ages.


Don’t forget to set the mood with some holiday tunes. Do you have musicians in the group? Everyone enjoys a holiday sing along, or impromptu caroling.


Friends and relatives may want to share the festivities with little ones, so it’s smart to have small things for younger kids to do. Some inexpensive coloring books, toys or card games can keep little ones busy and happy.


Nothing brings a group together like a festive toast! A short, holiday “thank you for coming” with a raised glass will do just fine. Also, a “cheers” to passed loved ones is always a nice remembrance of people and traditions past.

Clean Up

One word: plastics! Disposable serving ware will save you loads of time and dishes later, just remember to put that recycling bin in a prominent spot for easy clean up.

And you’re ready to party! What are some of your favorite touches that you like to put on your own seasonal gatherings?   Do you have a favorite holiday toast?