eCard of the Week – Happy Mardi Gras postcard!









Whether you prefer Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras – it’s a day to celebrate with good friends and good food! We thought this festive Mardi Gras postcard would be perfect as our eCard of the week to help you get in the Mardi Gras spirit. This postcard was designed by Blue Mountain artist Terry Flores, and captures the magical essence of this celebratory holiday! This postcard is great to post on a friend’s facebook wall, or even post it on your own to wish all your friends a Happy Mardi Gras.

Know someone with a birthday around Mardi Gras? In addition to this postcard, send them a fun Birthday eCard for double the celebration! No matter if you’re looking for Talking eCards, fun Postcards or Holiday eCardsBlue Mountain is sure to help you stay connected and celebrate!



eCard of the Week – Just Tweet









Our pick for the eCard of the Week this week is a simple postcard designed by best-selling designer, artist and author, Kathy Davis, Just Tweet.  Kathy’s cards feature her signature water colors, and are a bright and cheery way to let someone know you’re thinking of them. This digital postcard features an adorable little bird and is a great pick if you just want to say hi to a friend or loved one. Postcards are a great choice to post on someone’s facebook wall or send in an email. As always, Blue Mountain has something for everyone – from birthday ecards and every day ecards to holiday ecards and talking ecards!



Holiday: Happy Hug Day!

It’s HUG DAY!  Yes!  That’s right!  It’s the best day of the year because you can walk up to anyone, almost anyone, and give them an adorable embrace for no reason at all and then move on…with a smile on your face.  If you look back, they’ll have a smile on their face too.  You know they will because we all need a lot more hugs in our lives.

One statistic says that we need at least twelve hugs a day to simply stay reasonably balanced.  Twelve hugs!!  Okay, most of us are operating under a severe hug deficit.  Perhaps you could include dog or cat hugs, but when possible, go for actual people hugs.  After all, it’s Hug Day!!

You may remember a delightful piece that Shel Silverstein wrote in his book, Where the Sidewalk Ends, called Hug O’ War.  It’s a great little poem about how hugs are much better than tugs, because with giggles and grins, everyone wins.

It’s an inspired thought and one to pick up on today as you go about your business.  Carry a sign if you have to, “No tugs, just hugs.”  Who knows you might actually start a hug swarm, a hug mob where people are suddenly dancing in the street.  They may come up to perfect strangers and hug them as though they mean it.  In this temporary insanity, they may see all people as worthy of something as valuable and as friendly as a hug.  We may even have to call the hug police.  They’ll be out looking for those who try to skip out on Hug Day.

Fortunately, they won’t have to arrest you.  You’re a great hugger!  In fact, you’re one of the best huggers around and so it will be natural for you to get out there and do your part to celebrate the day.  Remember, No tugs, just hugs!   Oh, don’t you feel better already?

Happy Hug Day!



Holiday: Happy Friendship Day!

The Lens of Friends

The word “friend” is probably laden with as many nuances of meaning as the word “love.”  After all, we have a wide variety of people in our lives that we might by some definition call friends, and we have a host of people to whom we attach some semblance of love.

Some people are friends by virtue of proximity, meaning you see them at exercise class every week or you see them sitting in the same pew at church on Sunday’s, you exchange a few pleasantries, learn each other’s names, and are in some measure, friends.

Some people are the lifelong buddies of days gone by.  They know everything about you, or at least who you once were. Sometimes they remember things you had long ago forgotten, and actually wish they would forget too, when their old information about you no longer fits who you are today.  Still, these are the people who are gold, the ones carved with lasting memories, the ones who remain in your heart forever and no time or distance can break the bond.

Then, there are the current friends, the “real” friends, the ones who lift your spirits when life turns upside down, or who catch you off center and make you laugh in spite of yourself.  These are the inner circle friends, the ones who have permission to enter the sacred spaces of your heart and who safely and lovingly remind you of all that is good.  These are the friends as Albert Schweitzer once said who are near when a light goes out.  He said, “Sometimes our light goes out but is blown into flame by another human being.  Each of us owes deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this light.”

No matter what lens you use to see the friends who surround you, they are all important.  They all remind you that every experience in life is more beautiful when it is shared with a friend, with someone we love.   Give a warm shout to your friends today and thank them for being such a wonderful part of your life.

Happy Friendship Day!