Happy New You!

The New Year is upon us with promises of attitude adjustments and hopeful tomorrows!  We get to take a panoramic view and look at everything from that oh-so last year hair style, to our jobs, to the things that bring a laugh or the things we know we don’t want to repeat again.  With our colorful New Year’s glasses on we can make a resolution to be smarter, thinner, more spiritual, richer, or even kinder as the year begins.  After all, it’s time to be optimistic, burn some rubber over the past, and keep moving.  Ready! Set!  Wait…

Hold on!  Maybe we need a new compass here.  This could be a good time to tap into the resources of the One with the big GPS system, (Glorious Personal Services) and notice that we might yet have room to be molded and shaped.  We’re still the clay as the New Year starts, and perhaps more open to new designs and deeper impressions.

We might not be as pliable as we once were, but we’re still soft enough to be reshaped and redesigned for new purposes.  In fact, we could be getting ready to face the best year yet!  Wow!  To that idea, we might start out with a big round of thanks for all we’ve been, for all we hope for and for all we yet believe is possible.  The fact is, everything is possible!

Let’s start the New Year with a happy dance for the things that have worked to make us unique in the presence of others.   Then, let’s step out into the proverbial and the real world of possibility.  Let’s recharge, refocus, review all that we want and make a plan to go after it.  Now, mind you, we can’t simply make a resolution to lose five pounds, we have to make a re-soul-ution to lose all those things that hold us back, and embrace the good and happy things that move us forward.  Come on!  You can do it right from where you are!  Start something new and be open and willing to see where the path leads.

Remember, you are not alone in this challenge of shaping and changing things up a notch.  You’re already beautiful to those who love you, who want only good things for you, and who see you becoming amazing in even more incredible ways.

Happy New Year to you…to us…it’s going to be exciting!   Yes, happy new YOU!