Top 10 Halloween Tales

With Halloween lurking just around the corner, there’s nothing like a good scary story to get you in the spooky spirit. We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 Halloween tales sure to send chills right to your bones. Some stories you may already be familiar with, but isn’t it also fun to take that unfamiliar road and see where it leads? You just may want to leave the lights on all night.  Let us know what you think of our favorite Halloween tales and share your favorites below!

The Fall of the House of Usher – Edgar Allen Poe

Frankenstein – Mary Shelly

Interview with the Vampire – Anne Rice

The Turn of the Screw – Henry James

The Haunting of Hill House – Shirley Jackson


It – Stephen King

Ghost Story – Peter Straub

The Ritual – Adam Nevil

House of Leaves – Mark Danielewsk

Hell House – Richard Matheson



Spooking of Halloween…

If it gets your broomstick all in a knot to think about how to address your Halloween cards this year, hold on to your pointy hat, because we can spell things out for you pretty quickly.  Halloween has been rising to the top of festive holidays in recent years and more of us are sending ecards, postcards, talking cards and “ghoul to ghoul” cards for the occasion.  You don’t want to miss the opportunity to treat your friends to a bewitching card and something monstrously fun to boot.

So, what do you say?  How do you spook Halloween to the ones you love?  It might be fun to think about the people you know and assign a temporary Halloween-appropriate character trait to them. If you were going to dress them up, would you pose them as Elvira or Elvis?  What would make their blue suede shoes dance and their hearts tingle?  After all, ghouls just want to have fun!

So, to help you pull out all the stops from your vampire vaults as you sign your cards, or to recharge your electric connections, here are some phrases that might zap your voltage meter and get you humming…

  • Cute—You’ll always be my favorite pumpkin!
  • Cute—Hope this Halloween tickles your funny bone!
  • Fun—(Frankenstein character) Don’t short-circuit your fun on Halloween!
  • Fun—A hauntingly happy wish for a frightfully fun Halloween!
  • Sweet—You’re enchanting and bewitching!
  • Sweet—Guess whooo loves you?
  • Silly—I’m batty about you!
  • Silly—Best witches for a happy Halloween!
  • Vampire/Mummy humor—Fangs for all you do for me!
  • Vampire/Mummy humor—Happy Halloween. That about wraps it up!
  • Fiend to Fiend—Thanks for putting up with all my tricks!
  • Fiend to Fiend—You’re so nice, it’s scary!
  • Love—My cauldron or yours?
  • Love—Love ya to death!

Whatever you say to the trick-or-treaters on your list this year, let them know you give a hoot about them. Your mummies, ghoulfriends, and cousin-its will be so glad you conjured up your very own spellbreakers.

Happy Haunting!



Interview with Artist, Alison Osborn

This morning we had the pleasure of interviewing Alison Osborn, a graphic designer and illustration artist here at

Alison Osborne

Blue Mountain: When did you first realize you are an artist, Alison?

Alison: Well I’m not sure about artist but I would say as a child I loved to draw. With being shy as a kid, it was the one way I could express myself.


Blue Mountain: What is your position at and what is your background as an artist?


Alison: I’m an Assistant Art Director. creates new cards every month and I balance my time between art direction and designing and animating.

Blue Mountain: Could you tell us some more about your work?

Alison: I have a background in graphic design/ illustration. What I have really been enjoying the past few years is photo manipulation. It’s editing multiple photos to make them look like a single illustration and I love working in Photoshop.

Blue Mountain: What is it that inspires you when creating a particular design or graphic piece?

Alison: My inspiration for images and concepts comes from many sources–the card copy, design and animation sites and the other artists at

Blue Mountain: What’s your favorite piece/ecard ever created and why?

Wow, well I’ve been here for over 12 years. I would have to say any ecard where I’ve collaborated with another artist. We get some of our best work that way.

Blue Mountain: What famous artists or graphic designers have influenced you?

Alison: I think some of the best imagination and illustrations are in children’s books. Nancy Tillman and David Wiesner are some of my favorites.

Blue Mountain: What inspires you to create your designs and how do you keep motivated when things get tough in the studio?

Alison: I would have to say my colleagues get me through tough times. We have an amazing group of writers, artists and musicians.

Blue Mountain: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Alison: Hopefully here, but if not, I can definitely see myself teaching. I took a refresher college course a few years back and when the teacher learned of my degree she asked me to help teach with her. That semester she had a full class. I really enjoyed it and realized I was good at it too.

Blue Mountain: What advice would you give to an artist just starting out?

Alison: Don’t give up. The art industry can be difficult to get into. But if you’re doing something you’re passionate about and have talent, you’ll do fine. Also, surround yourself with talented people. I have learned more from my colleagues than I ever did in school.

Blue Mountain: What do you do for fun?

Alison: I spend time with my boys. We go on walks, play in park, and have movie nights. It’s great to come through the door after a long day and hear their voices. A “Yeah! Mom’s home” makes my day.

After we wrapped up the last of the interview questions Alison walked us through some of her recent and most popular Halloween greeting card creations. For the ‘Halloween Enchantment’ eCard Alison collaborated with artist David Sommers.  She created the background illustrations while Dave worked on the animation of the doll featured in this card.  Alison also worked in tandem with artist Pam Trautman on the ‘Moonlight and Magic’ Halloween ecard piece and designed and illustrated ‘Magical Card Game.’ Nice work Alison!

Thanks for a great interview.



Getting Ready For Halloween!

Looking out the windows at Blue Mountain, we see the trees getting ready for Halloween. Branches that use to be covered in green are changing into their orange, brown, and yellow costumes. Some have even decided to go bare!

Always inspired by nature, the Blue Mountain Team decided to show off their costumes as well. We’d love for you to check them out and let us know what you think. Click here to see those photos and more.



Take our Fun Halloween Quiz!

What kind of Halloween spirit are you? Are you the type of Halloween spirit that spends hours picking out the perfect kid-friendly Halloween costume, or the type of spooktacular  spirit that likes to hide and jump out at unsuspecting porch guests?

Find out with’s fun online Halloween quiz!  Not only that, but you’ll also see the Halloween eCard that fits your Halloween spirit the best!


Fun Halloween Quiz

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