Halloween Decorating Inspiration

Alison OsProfilePic150x150born is an art director here at, and when she’s not creating beautiful eCards, she loves to put her crafting skills on display at home. We’ve shared some of her creativity in previous posts such as the surprise 70th birthday party she threw for her mother, as well as past craft roundups. Lucky for us, Alison especially loves decorating her home for Halloween, so we had to take a peak inside and share what we found!


All Photos Courtesy of Kelly Kutsko

1. Halloween Star
Decoupage scrapbook paper shapes on to a metal star. You can even sponge the edges of your paper shapes with paint before applying.

2. Marquee BOO Letters
Letters are from Heidi Swapp Marquee Love Collection. So easy, just paint and decoupage scrapbook paper. You can even add glitter, ribbons and more.

3. Witch Hats
Paint Paper Mache witch hat. Cut out scrapbook paper shapes to decoupage on to hat—a circle shape for the rim of the hat and paper strips to cover the cone horizontally. Dilute black acrylics to paint a wash over the hat. Add ribbon, acorns and paper cupcake flowers to decorate.

4. Trick or Treat Sign
Decoupage designer tissue paper on to canvas. White wash canvas then paint on black stripes. Letter “Trick or Treat” in black then in orange acrylic paints. Decorate with handmade fabric flowers.

5. BEWARE Banner
Glue orange, handmade fabric flowers on black canvas flags. You can also use canvas flowers or Halloween rosettes from local craft stores. Glue on glitter lettering.

6. Candy Corn Wreath
Find the entire tutorial on the House of Smiths blog.

Here are the final looks throughout Alison’s house…Bravo! For more design inspiration from Alison, check out her Instagram!










Halloween Decorating Roundup

One of the most exciting things about Halloween is that when it comes to decorating (both indoors and out), you can be as outrageously creative as you’d like! This year’s popular Halloween decorating trends range from understated elegance and simple playfulness, to over-the-top zaniness—and you don’t have to spend a lot of time or money creating any of them! For some fun ideas, the editors of Blue Mountain would like to share their favorite inspirations with you. Happy Halloween!


1. Monogrammed Pumpkin from The Butlers
2. Black Lace Candles by Family Chic from Camilla Fabbri
3. Gauzy Glow Pumpkin from Better Homes and Gardens
4. Halloween Wreath from All Things Simple
5. Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with Meringue Ghosts from The Comfort of Cooking
6. Bat Mobile from Martha Stewart



Happy Halloween Boo Mountain Friends!


Well, it’s been a very difficult Halloween week for the Eastern portion of the U.S. and Canada with the occurence of former Hurricane Sandy. And at Blue Mountain, our hearts go out to all those affected by this devastating storm.

Of course many communities are postponing their official Halloween “trick-or-treating” festivities to this weekend, allowing for more time for water to dissipate, power to be restored, and streets to be made safe again. That may not happen for a while in some neighborhoods so they will be hosting indoor-only activities so that all the children can
still enjoy this fun holiday, while making sure their safety isn’t compromised.

For the rest of the country, it’s full-on Halloween as usual…there’ll be loud chants of
“Trick or Treat,” apples to be bobbed for, candy to be devoured and of course, spirits, ghosts and witches abounding to add a little mystery and magic to the cool night air.
So have fun getting your scary on and enjoy all the bewitching ways there are to be enchanted by this hauntingly happy day!




eCard of the Week–HEADS UP

Halloween is quickly approaching with all of its magic, sorcery and frighteningly good times! Why not create some of your own spine-tingling fun by giving voice to this eerie headless horseman? It’s our talking eCard that pays homage to Washington Irving’s well-known characterization in “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.”

The story, of course, follows the plight of the timid and superstitious schoolmaster, Ichabod Crane. By the end of the tale, he is chased through the Hollow, a place known for its ghosts and haunting atmosphere, by the infamous Headless Horseman, who “rides forth to the scene of battle in nightly quest of his head.” At sunrise, there is no trace of Crane or his horse, and only the scattered remains of a shattered pumpkin can be found. Was the Horseman truly a spectre or was it really Ichabod’s nemesis, Abraham “Brom Bones” Van Brunt, in ingenious disguise?

It’s a great tale for Halloween and this special eCard, “Heads Up,” captures some of the magic and fun that comes from ghostly stories like this one. There are so many other wonderful talking, interactive and spooky eCards to choose from for Halloween, as well, at…and if you’re looking for something to say in the talking eCard of your choice, check out our blog from Tuesday!



Spooking of Halloween…

If it gets your broomstick all in a knot to think about how to address your Halloween cards this year, hold on to your pointy hat, because we can spell things out for you pretty quickly.  Halloween has been rising to the top of festive holidays in recent years and more of us are sending ecards, postcards, talking cards and “ghoul to ghoul” cards for the occasion.  You don’t want to miss the opportunity to treat your friends to a bewitching card and something monstrously fun to boot.

So, what do you say?  How do you spook Halloween to the ones you love?  It might be fun to think about the people you know and assign a temporary Halloween-appropriate character trait to them. If you were going to dress them up, would you pose them as Elvira or Elvis?  What would make their blue suede shoes dance and their hearts tingle?  After all, ghouls just want to have fun!

So, to help you pull out all the stops from your vampire vaults as you sign your cards, or to recharge your electric connections, here are some phrases that might zap your voltage meter and get you humming…

  • Cute—You’ll always be my favorite pumpkin!
  • Cute—Hope this Halloween tickles your funny bone!
  • Fun—(Frankenstein character) Don’t short-circuit your fun on Halloween!
  • Fun—A hauntingly happy wish for a frightfully fun Halloween!
  • Sweet—You’re enchanting and bewitching!
  • Sweet—Guess whooo loves you?
  • Silly—I’m batty about you!
  • Silly—Best witches for a happy Halloween!
  • Vampire/Mummy humor—Fangs for all you do for me!
  • Vampire/Mummy humor—Happy Halloween. That about wraps it up!
  • Fiend to Fiend—Thanks for putting up with all my tricks!
  • Fiend to Fiend—You’re so nice, it’s scary!
  • Love—My cauldron or yours?
  • Love—Love ya to death!

Whatever you say to the trick-or-treaters on your list this year, let them know you give a hoot about them. Your mummies, ghoulfriends, and cousin-its will be so glad you conjured up your very own spellbreakers.

Happy Haunting!



A Little Hallo-Fun!

Halloween is a great time to throw a party! Fall has arrived, there’s a chill in the air and everyone is ready for a little mischief & Hallo-fun. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning for children, teens or adults, because everyone loves a Halloween party!

Get in the spirit and share the magic no matter where you are by sending ecards via mobile, or post them to facebook. Here’s a great tip to get double duty out of your ecard: Use the personal message section within the ecard as a save-the-date for your upcoming Halloween party. You can let everyone know that you’re planning on throwing a ghoulishly fun get-together so they can keep their eye out for an invitation.

Make it a costume party! Everyone will be willing to dress up because it’s Halloween, so why not go one step further and create a specific theme for the costumes. Here are some great ideas:

Famous Couples throughout history

Literary Characters

Renaissance Era

Roaring 20’s

Gods & Goddesses

Wild-Wild West

Zombies VS Aliens

It’s always fun to have a “best costume” contest at a Halloween party, so have a few prizes on-hand for the winners – nothing extravagant – think anything from candy treat bags to scratch-off lottery tickets. Another great idea is to keep some disposable cameras around and encourage your guests to snap away during the night.

And don’t forget that any good Halloween party includes an abundance of deadly-sweet treats! Here are a few of our favorite ghoulishly great recipes!

Creepy-Crawly Spider Cupcakes

Hot Dog Mummies

Wicked Cupcakes

Halloween Boo-Scotti