It’s a Halloween Celebration!

It’s that creepy time of year when it’s fun to do all things “boo-tiful” to make your home
a bit more festive and give the kids in the neighborhood something new to shriek about.  Whether you add an eerie glow to your porch light, set a ghoul in his favorite chair with some spidery friends hanging from a skull and crossbones, or simply scatter some bats in your belfry, your house can bewitch all who come to call.

Add to the fun of candy treats, by filling up sugar cones decorated with gum-drop eyes, or by making paper cones out of cardstock.  You can create extra fun at home parties with spider cupcakes or some ghoulish carrot fingers. Here’s a quick recipe for “carrot fingers” from the Food Network.

1 bag peeled baby carrots
1 cup sliced almonds
Cream cheese
Bottled ranch dressing


Place a bit of cream cheese on the end of a baby carrot and place an almond slice face down on top. The almond should look like a fingernail on the carrot “finger.” Repeat until all carrots are finished.

Pour dressing in a bowl and stand a few carrot fingers upright in the bowl. Place the bowl on a platter and lay the remaining carrot fingers around the bowl.

The fun of Halloween is the opportunity it brings to let your imagination go wild and step outside your daily routine to try on a different face, even if it’s a face only another ghoul could love. Play some games, carve some pumpkins, and harvest some good times. Whether you’re doing “The Monster Mash” or simply enjoying some “Devil’s Food cake,” you’ll have a fiendishly good time. After all, once you’ve conjured up all the magic, you can slip right back into being a “saint” the following day. Let your pumpkin light shine!

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