Time-Saver Gift Tips

 ‘Tis the season to be busy, and for some of us, that’s six-places-at-one-time busy. So when it comes to saving time when holiday shopping, yet still buying gifts that are thoughtful for friends and loved ones, we’re all ears. Struggling through crowded malls and long lines at the register will test anyone’s cheerful holiday spirit.

 If you want to keep your spirits bright this holiday season, try some of these helpful time saving gift tips for holiday shopping:

 Every efficient holiday begins with a list. Make a gift list of everyone you’re shopping for and ideas of what they might like.

  1. When you must venture out into the madness of holiday mall shopping, try planning your stops to maximize time. Write them down if necessary. There’s nothing like crisscrossing town a few times to wish you’d taken this step earlier.
  2. Want to shop in your pajamas? Go online. Consider sending those on your list an Gift Card, along with a thoughtful, personalized Blue Mountain eCard. Not only will it let you skip the crowds, the lines and the usual bedlam of holiday shopping, but the person receiving it gets to choose from literally millions of items.

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