Getting Organized!

Someone once said, “If you chase two rabbits, both will escape!” Getting organized can feel like chasing rabbits…it’s time to pick one and go after it!

You can get organized! You just don’t have to tackle every closet, or every room in the house at the same time. If you set some goals, pace yourself, and stick to your plan, you’ll be back in control before you know it. Here are just a few ideas to help you get going.

  • Start with yourself. What is your attitude about getting organized? If life feels like it is always getting away from you, look at why that happens and see what you can change. Set specific goals, look at the appointments on the calendar, and step up to the plate to get things done and learn to say “no,” when necessary, to requests on your time.
  • Make a specific list. Maybe you’d like
    to clean out the garage, or unload some of the closet clutter, or shred those papers in the office you no longer need. Set a priority and a time to get it done. Be easy on yourself. If it’s a time- consuming job, then set a goal for what you’ll do each week to be organized by month’s end. A priority list and a timetable will help you get things organized—one at a time.
  • Enlist help. Determine what other family members can do to help you reach an organization goal. Ask for a specific time and task from each person to accomplish their part. Perhaps someone can hold a garage sale or take items to a resale shop. Plan rewards. A family outing? A favorite meal?
  • Reward yourself! Celebrate each goal you meet. Maybe you’ve wanted new garage lights, but didn’t want to shine a light on the mess. Now that it’s cleaned up, make it glow.
  • Make it fun. As you go through the kitchen cupboards, look at the things you’ve
    collected and remind yourself why you still own that silver platter from your anniversary or that stack of plastic plates with your college insignia on them. One gift is enjoying the memory, maybe evening jotting it down in your journal, and the other is letting go of something you no longer need.
  • Use helpful, organizational tools. Take advantage of useful tools like those offered at We can help you get organized by reminding you of upcoming events and dates that are too important to miss. Simply go to the“Reminders” calendar on the home page, click on “more” at the bottom and then start filling in those things you don’t want to forget throughout the year. (Major holidays are already filled in for you, but you can add others as well.) You can also Share Events with others, Request Events that you’re unsure of (like your Aunt Mary’s Anniversary), add your preferences for notifications and have reminders delivered right to your desktop! It’s one more way we help you stay connected to the ones you care about most.

It’s a New Year…why not make it the one you get organized step by step!

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