"M is for…" Mothers Day Poem

by George Davis

M is for…


you made me

A mirror-image
of your spirit,
the same spirit
I meticulously
monitored as I matured.

More than amazed
at how you seemed
to have everything

Without missing a beat,
you managed to make
every mountain a molehill
eventually moving it
completely out of existence.

With many mouths to feed,
you made meals out of morsels.
With fevers off the meter,
you made medicine out of
multiple scoops of ice cream
and that “Motherly” brand hug.

Instinctively maternal.
No Bachelors in Birth
or Masters in Motherhood.
No, it wasn’t a miracle,
it was meant to be.

Matriarch of mankind,
Mother of my soul…

This M is for you.










Look Beyond the Clouds

by George Davis

In life, trials and tribulations are as inevitable as the rain. And much like the rain or any other unfavorable weather condition, the obstacles in life can be just as uncontrollable. Clouds form in the sky and a big smile begins to shrink. Thunder crashes and that smaller smile gets even smaller. Lightning flashes and any evidence of happiness that existed washes away with the first drop of rain.

Regardless of preparation – the size of the umbrella, the durability of the rain coat, the water resistance of the boots – some people choose to solely focus on the rain. And while they may remain dry, they allow themselves to drown in despair and depression. The one thing they tend to forget is that regardless of the visible, seemingly miserable conditions that they’re standing in, the sun is still shining.

The clouds, like most emotions, trials, and/or tribulations, are temporary. Whether they’re visible only in passing or they stay around for a few days casting dark shadows over us, they don’t possess the power to outlast the sun. The sun will always shine. Rain, sleet, hail, or snow, the sun will shine. It is as permanent as love.

When obstacles arrive (and they WILL arrive), know that they have an expiration date. Like the rain and the clouds, they pass. In the midst of the storm, look beyond the clouds. Find peace and comfort knowing that the sun is still shining.