Classic Christmas Movies, Songs & Stories

What would Christmas be without those memorable holiday movies, music, and stories to help celebrate the season? Break out the eggnog and fire up the Yule Log as you reminisce with some classic favorites.

Movie Greats

Enjoy the memories as you snuggle up with loved ones to watch film classics like 1947’s Miracle on 34th Street and Bing Crosby’s White Christmas. Have some fun by turning the holiday season into a “12 Days of Christmas Movies” marathon leading up to the big day…and after! You can start out with It’s a Wonderful Life to remember all that’s good in the world, then follow it up with A Christmas Story to add some holiday humor. And, of course, what would Christmastime be without a visit from the Peanuts gang in A Charlie Brown Christmas. Why not pop some popcorn, and, as you snack, string some together with festive cranberries to make a festive garland for your tree.

Classic Songs

Whether enjoying the wintery weather with a group of carolers or cozying with friends and family by the fireplace, nothing celebrates the season like harmonizing to classic Christmas songs. Tune up that yuletide tradition with a twist on the classic favorite Twelve Days of Christmas. Simply write the different parts of the song on slips of paper (“three french hens,” “five golden rings,” etc.) and have each singer draw one. Of course those are the parts they’ll sing during the chorus.) With plenty of other greats to choose from, including Deck the HallsSilent Night, and I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, your repertoire will be set for the season.

Favorite Stories

Remember when you were little, how much fun it was to sit in your parent’s lap as they read The Night Before Christmas to you before bed? Keep that special tradition alive byhaving your little ones cuddle up in your lap as you read their favorite Christmas stories. Perhaps they like The Sweet Smell of Christmas or The Christmas Story. Whichever they choose, spruce up the delivery by adding voices appropriate for each character. It’s a great way to make warm memories with your little snowflake!

Celebrate this Christmas season by taking a snowy stroll down memory lane, or creating new traditions to pass on to generations. Favorite films that bring a smile to your face, sweet-sounding carols, and stories that warm the heart are all a part of what makes Christmas so memorable for those both young and young at heart.