Raise awareness for breast cancer with FREE postcards


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and currently has a partnership with six non-profit organizations to offer free digital postcards throughout the month.

We hope that you will share the postcards, which were designed to raise awareness for organizations that provide resources for those affected by breast cancer and their families. Each postcard contains illustrations and branding specific to the participating organizations. All of the postcards can be found on a special page dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness Month eCards on the Blue Mountain site.

The participating organizations include:

In addition to sending the postcards via email and Facebook, Blue Mountain users can visit the partner sites to donate or learn more about how to support the participating organizations this month and beyond.



October–Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As most everyone knows, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A large number of organizations and medical establishments have joined forces and are working together to promote awareness of this disease, share important information, educate, and help provide greater access to services. So many women’s lives have been saved in recent years due to these efforts. The greatest goal of these groups, of course, is finding a cure to save so many more.

Fortunately, in the meantime, more and more women are learning to take charge of their own breast health–

  • knowing what is normal for them
  • knowing what changes to look for
  • doing regular self-exams
  • letting their doctors know of any changes
  • getting regular screenings (based on their doctor’s suggested schedule)

And for those who are living with breast cancer, either as a warrior, a survivor or a caregiver, these organizations provide invaluable assistance, encouragment, education, treatment and hope. 

Although October puts the spotlight on this effort, the fight to find a cure continues throughout the year. In the meantime there remains much to be accomplished.

For more information, please check out any of the following websites–a few of the many that provide information on breast cancer facts and statistics, risk factors and prevention, self-awareness, early detection and screening. Additionally, they offer ways you can become involved in helping those who are seeking a cure…either through donation, participation in local events or becoming an advocate.

Finally, just a gentle reminder to take time now to schedule that all-important mammogram!


The “Save the Girls” postcard above can be found at and is perfect for sending and sharing, either as a facebook post or as an email. In addition to Breast Cancer Awareness, there are other Health Awareness ecards that are available as well .