National Braille Literacy Month

Do your children or grandchildren ever see the patterns of little dots on different objects like elevator buttons or ATM keypads and wonder what they’re for? January is the perfect time to get educated! It’s Braille Literacy Month, a time to bring awareness to BRAILLE, the method that is used by the blind to read and write. Because January 4th is developer Louis Braille’s birthday, it is only fitting that we celebrate Braille literacy this month.

 Created by Braille in 1821, the system is made up of characters called “cells”. The cells are made up of raised dots in varying positions, and arranged in columns that can be felt or “read” by the blind. The first Braille book, Fables and Tales for Children, was printed in Louisville, KY by the American Printing House for the Blind. For more information about Braille or visual impairment, visit the American Foundation for the Blind on the web at