Happy June Birthday, Friend and Nurturer!


Although popular, even to the extreme, those born during the month of June are most comfortable socializing at home, whether it’s their home or someone else’s cozy nook. Most at ease with the close-knit circle of friends they grew up with, they treat their friends like family.


Those born under the sign of the twins, Gemini, love to communicate. Talking on the phone, text messaging, emails, letter-writing…you name it, chances are Gemini loves it! You tend to have as many friends as ways to communicate with each. Not to mention, a wonderful way with words! For all you know, you were scribbling little masterpieces since before you could crawl. Short little notes, poetry, short stories, or the next great American novel, your mind is always buzzing with words to put down on paper.


Those born in the sign of Cancer have a connection to the Moon, as their emotional well-being can be closely linked the Moon’s phases. Some may call you moody, but really, you’re simply going with the flow alongside the latest lunar state, whether it’s waxing or waning. Like the crab, the animal associated with Cancer, you have a tough exterior that protects and nurtures your softer, sensitive inner world. Nothing is more important to you than family, although who you consider your “family” may vary, for home is where your heart is. A bookkeeper of memories, you remember what matters most to yourself and others, filing it away in your heart to bring yourself some joy on days when you could use cheering up.

June Flower 

08-12652-00-00Your birth flower, the Rose, derives its name from the Latin rosa, which traced back further means “flower.” Rich with history, roses has been blossoming for millions of years. According the Roman legend, when Rodanthe turned away a great many suitors bent on marrying her, the goddess, Diana, turned Rodanthe into a rose and her overeager admirers into thorns. Flowering in a variety of colors, each carries its own meaning: red—“I love you”; white—spiritual love; yellow—joy and faithfulness; pink—“thank you”; to name a few.

 June Birthstone 

153149908The pearl, your birthstone, is the oldest known gemstone, and has some of the richest history and folklore surrounding it. One cultural story tells that the pearl was born when a drop of rain from heaven fell into the oyster, becoming its heart. Pearls have been referred to as “teardrops of the moon,” and have been used in meditation and to assist in spiritual transformation. They are also known to relieve stress and even balance the solar plexus chakra. .

Famous June Birthdays

Celebrate your birthday this month with these notable names:

Tony Curtis, Olympia Dukakis, Roger Ebert, Michael J. Fox, Anne Frank, Tom Jones, Helen Keller, Guy Lombardo, Marilyn Monroe, Meryl Streep

Important June 2013 Holidays

World Environment Day 6/5
Flag Day 6/14
Father’s Day 6/16
International Picnic Day 6/18
Juneteenth 6/19
Summer Solstice 6/21

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Happy October Birthday, Oh Iridescent, Remarkable You!


Those born in October fall under two signs:

Libra, the Scales, September 23–October 23

Scorpio, the Scorpion, October 24–November 21



Flowers of the Month…Calendula, Cosmos

Birthstones/Meanings…Opal, Tourmaline, Pink  Sapphire/Hope

To read more about those born in October, please see our October 2011 birthday blog

If you know someone having a birthday this month, ober Birthday blog from last year:

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eCard of the Week: A Dream Filled Birthday










The summer is such a fun time to celebrate birthdays. Sunshine and longer nights make for a great atmosphere to celebrate someone’s special day. Our eCard of the Week this week is A Dream Filled Birthday, which captures the perfect summer day at the beach – and who wouldn’t dream of that on their birthday? It’s a great pick to send with a warm and happy message that is brought to life by artist, Pam Trautman. Send & Share this birthday eCard to put a smile on someone’s face today.




Your June Birthday – The Rose, the Pearl, and You!









If it’s not enough for you to be born in the same month as Johnny Depp or Angelina Jolie, consider the iridescent qualities of the pearl or the illustrious beauty of the rose.  Those incredible symbols of joy are reminders that you have a lot of fabulous qualities to share with those around you.

For one thing, you are fiercely faithful and loyal to the people you love. Your friendship means the world to those in your intimate circle because they know they can always count on you.  Your personal mantra is to be steadfast and true.  Just like the mollusk whose interior shell is washed over and over again with sandy irritants, waiting years for the treasures it knows are meant to be, you wait patiently for the good things in life for yourself and others.  You are adaptable and lively, clever and artistic.  You too know how to produce genuine pearls of joy.

As a constant communicator, it’s appropriate that your birth flower would be a rose.  In the Victorian Era, roses were the secret code of those who were not yet allowed to speak of their connection or their love for each other.  Yellow roses said, “I’m not worthy of you.”  Pink roses implored, “Please believe me!”  Alas, red roses were the message of love, the passionate symbol of unspoken delight.  The long stemmed beauties in red and white spoke even more loudly saying, “We’re inseparable, we were meant for each other.”

Yes, you are indeed a passionate flower, a generous spirit and a loving heart.   You lift up those around you no matter how much work it takes, never giving up, never giving in to doubt or fear.  You know that it often takes work for a pearl to be born and nothing is more important to you than seeing the goodness of life, in fullness and abundance.

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eCard of the Week – Good Times Roll










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Choosing the perfect birthday ecard!










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eCard of the week – Cheers Quartet Singing Telegram








Our eCard pick this week is the Cheers Quartet Singing Telegram. We just love this barber shop-inspired birthday eCard because of how simple and fun it is. The Singing Telegram Collection is full of cards with musical performances that are sure to bring a smile to the face of everyone you send them to. This card was designed by artist Drew King, who brings the special barbershop quartet to life with perfection. We think this card would be perfect for a father, brother or uncle with an upcoming birthday. Have you sent this card yet? Let us know who you sent it to and their reaction. We love hearing from our members!



Celebrating Your April Birthday!









Like the diamond that signifies balance and clarity and abundance, you’re the jewel in the crown of life.  Your beautiful birthstone radiates the courage and spark by which you take on the world, and like a diamond, you’re multi-faceted.  You have a fiery passion for the things you believe in and a “can-do” attitude that is second to none.  You know who you are and where you stand and that always makes you a force to be reckoned with.

Though some may see you as slightly impulsive, they admire you for the dynamic ways you share the strength of your convictions.  They know they can trust you to come to the table with ideas to share, and strategies to make things better, even if you’re simply planning a dinner party or an extended vacation.

You have a pioneering spirit, are fiercely independent and strong on one hand, believing that the shortest distance between two points is indeed a straight line, but you’re also trusting, even child-like at heart, believing in the best the world has to offer.

So celebrate being wonderful you and keep shining.  No matter what life brings your way, you’re going to make it into an adventure.  Have a fabulous birthday!

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eCard of the week – Tree of Hope






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eCard of the Week – Happy Mardi Gras postcard!









Whether you prefer Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras – it’s a day to celebrate with good friends and good food! We thought this festive Mardi Gras postcard would be perfect as our eCard of the week to help you get in the Mardi Gras spirit. This postcard was designed by Blue Mountain artist Terry Flores, and captures the magical essence of this celebratory holiday! This postcard is great to post on a friend’s facebook wall, or even post it on your own to wish all your friends a Happy Mardi Gras.

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