Vaseline on the door knob. Mustard in the toothpaste tube. Tape over the light switch.
Let the April Fool’s Day pranks begin! Whether the joke is on you, or you’re planning
some pranks yourself, April Fool’s Day is all about having fun. And we’re here to help.

But first things first. How did April 1 become the biggest prank-pulling day of the year? Nobody knows for sure. But the most popular theory dates back to the 1500s when the adoption of the Gregorian calendar changed New Year from being observed on April 1
to January 1. It was a popular joke to trick people into thinking April 1 was still the New Year, and those who believed it were dubbed “April Fools.” Other theories range from Mother Nature “fooling” us with her fickle weather to Roman ruler Constantine letting
a court jester be king for a day because the “fool” thought he could do a better job.

Now April Fool’s Day is celebrated worldwide—with some of the most elaborate hoaxes pulled by the media. Taco Bell once took out a full page ad announcing their purchase of
the Liberty Bell. Expedia has touted flights to Mars. And Google plays a new prank every year. But one of the most popular hoaxes of all time was the 1957 BBC report of Switzerland’s “exceptionally heavy spaghetti crop” with video footage so convincing that callers jammed the switchboard seeking their own Spaghetti Tree.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go that far to get a laugh. In fact, you probably have plenty of joke supplies right in your own junk drawer!

Here are some quick and easy popular pranks:

  • Rubber band the kitchen sink sprayer to soak an innocent victim’s face.
  • Put food coloring in the toothbrush (the same color as the bristles).
  • Insert frozen coins inside your family’s shoes.
  • Ben Gay the toilet seat.
  • Block the remote signal with a piece of electrical tape.
  • Put hair gel in the liquid soap bottle.
  • Unplug your co-worker’s mouse.
  • Tell them they’re getting brownies for desert. Then give them “E”s cut out of brown paper.
  • And the lazy-fool’s approach: Say you’ve planned a prank just to watch people squirm.

For more joke ideas and hilarious media hoaxes, check out the following links:


And, of course, don’t forget for plenty of April Fool fun!