Celebrating Your April Birthday!









Like the diamond that signifies balance and clarity and abundance, you’re the jewel in the crown of life.  Your beautiful birthstone radiates the courage and spark by which you take on the world, and like a diamond, you’re multi-faceted.  You have a fiery passion for the things you believe in and a “can-do” attitude that is second to none.  You know who you are and where you stand and that always makes you a force to be reckoned with.

Though some may see you as slightly impulsive, they admire you for the dynamic ways you share the strength of your convictions.  They know they can trust you to come to the table with ideas to share, and strategies to make things better, even if you’re simply planning a dinner party or an extended vacation.

You have a pioneering spirit, are fiercely independent and strong on one hand, believing that the shortest distance between two points is indeed a straight line, but you’re also trusting, even child-like at heart, believing in the best the world has to offer.

So celebrate being wonderful you and keep shining.  No matter what life brings your way, you’re going to make it into an adventure.  Have a fabulous birthday!

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