Top Ten Gift Ideas for Administrative Professionsals Day!

Anyone who’s ever worked in (or even seen) an office knows these multi-tasking staff members certainly deserve to be celebrated. And since 1952, when the day first started as a campaign to find more skilled workers, Administrative Professionals Day has become a top work celebration—right up there with birthdays and holidays.

So, how should you commemorate the day? Let’s take a look at the best gifts to give…and, perhaps even more importantly, what isn’t office-appropriate.

 Top Ten Favorites:

  • dinner with bossA card.  Either by itself or with a gift, a card is not only a thoughtful and appropriate choice, but it can also be creatively customized. If you haven’t gotten anything yet, can instantly deliver!
  • Lunch. At a favorite restaurant…or catered and shared with the staff.
  • Flowers or Plants. A touch of nature will brighten the day and improve the office environment.
  • fruit bouquetFruit Bouquet. Both a healthy and tasteful treat! Or try a delicious Mrs Fields Cookie gift from!
  • Gift Card. Make this practical present more personal by choosing her/his favorite restaurant or store. A spa gift card/certificate is excellent for stress relief.
  • The latest electronic gadget. Or a stylish cover/case for the gadget they’ve already got.
  • A personalized tote—big enough to fit a purse, lunch and the aforementioned hi-tech gadgets, all in one handy place.
  • Gift baskets…with a theme. You’ll be amazed at how creative you can get with just a few clicks online.
  • gadget giftA money tree! A great last-minute surprise—and who wouldn’t want one of these?
  • A paid day off. If you have the power, this is a great way to use it.

 A Few Gifts to Avoid:

  • The Overly Personal. Lingerie is obvious, but perfume also falls into this category. Even certain flowers can be misunderstood, so pick your bouquet carefully.
  • The Appearance Improver. Sure, a gym membership is generous, but it could be considered insulting. And nose trimmers are a definite no-no!
  • The Company Rule-Breaker. If alcohol isn’t allowed at the office, then it’s not an appropriate gift. Same goes for pets. No living creatures qualify…even if you feel like you work in a zoo!

Of course a ecard or postcard is a perfect way to let your administrative professional know how much they’re appreciated and we have a great selection to choose from!