Our New Easter eCards (And the Artists Who Designed Them)


Every year for every major holiday, Blue Mountain unveils several brand new, exciting, never-before-seen eCards. Which means we naturally now have some wonderful new Easter eCards waiting just for you! In fact, there are three special Easter eCards in particular that we’d love to share with you…along with some thoughts from the artists who designed them.

The cards are truly fun, fresh, and beautiful—which is no wonder, considering all the work that goes into them, from concept and composition, to design and production. In fact, it takes nothing less than a small village of creatively talented people coming all together to produce each and every eCard just for you on

So without further ado, here are three of our newest Easter eCards —along with interesting comments from the very artists who designed or directed each of them! Happy Easter, everyone!

His Shining Love

“As I thought of the people who would be sending and receiving this design, I asked myself, ‘What will inspire them? And what is the best way to visually help them to communicate their feelings?’

“This particular card has a religious tone that is meant to inspire, so using that and the beautiful sentiment of the verse to guide me, I really just tried to complement that feeling through the visual design.

“The imagery represents the beauty of God’s creations in the landscape and animals, while the glowing rays of sunlight help to emphasize this feeling of warmth, peace, beauty, and love. Trying to give the environment a sense of atmosphere, I also added a subtle fog effect and floating particles in the air.

“The brief appearance of a simple cross over the sun at the end (as suggested by Assistant Art Director, Alison Osborn) reminds the viewer of the purpose for the celebration of Easter: Jesus Christ has risen!”

David Sommers, Sr. Creative Developer

Bunny Fun

“We actually adapted this eCard from a very high-rated paper card. I worked with one of my editors and animators to adapt it for animation.

“We loved the idea of showing the bunnies slowly multiply until they were all smashed up against the screen with very surprised looks on their faces. We went with characters that had very large eyes so we could show their expressions at the end.

“This design, as simple as it is, went through many changes to get it just right. We originally had a ‘Hugh Hefner-like’ character with a smoking jacket pop up at the end with a pipe, but we decided to take it out.

“I hope our audience gets a good laugh and then shares it with others so they, too, can have the same fun experience!”

 — Tom Page, Art Director

Easter Garden

“Knowing how much our Blue Mountain friends love flowers and gardening, we wanted to make a special card that celebrated Easter and spring.

“We contacted a Russian artist known for her beautiful renderings, and asked her to create a special garden where the receiver could mouse over each flower to discover their meanings. I really hope everyone will love this card as much as I do!”

— Alison Osborn, Assistant Art Director






moodboard, sunny day, bluemountain

Because it’s a sunny day…
Because something I saw reminded me of you…
Because you’re special to me…
Because you make me smile just thinking of you…
Because…well, just because!

It doesn’t take a special day or special reason to think about those we care about. It’s just something we do naturally because it feels so good. But what makes it feel even better is letting that someone special know that they’re in our thoughts. Think about it…doesn’t it bring a smile to your face and a warm feeling to your heart when you get an unexpected “hello” from someone you know…it can change your day and your mood in the twinkling
of any eye.

So go ahead and write that letter, make that phone call, send that email or simply send or  share a bluemountain ecard or postcard to make it a sunny day for someone you know!





Sure and it’s the perfect time for smilin’ and sendin’ a bit of cheer and magic to both friends and family alike. Whether you’re Irish for the day or Irish all the way, you’re sure to find the perfect St. Patrick’s Day ecard for everyone on your list…from talking cards and singing telegrams to ecards filled with warm wishes and special blessings. At we make “going green” the best way to celebrate the day!

In the mood board: “A Wee Bit O’ Magic Interactive eCard” from



“WHAT TO SAY…” In a Talking eCard!

Cat got your tongue? No worries! Talking eCards will say it for you! You can even choose
a talking cat!

Want to reach out to someone you haven’t contacted in a while? talk_how_ya_bee
Our How Ya Bee hamster will hit just the right note: “Hi Kelly, sorry I haven’t been in touch, things have been very hectic around here.  Just wondering how ya bee and hoping we can get together soon to catch up!”

Feeling romantic or maybe a little frisky? You can choose our
Love You a Latte Yorkie to do some sweet talking for you. “Hi Honey.  Just sitting here having my morning coffee and remembering last night. Love you a latte!”

talk_this_just_inOur newscaster, This Just In, can deliver a fun weather report: “The snow is really coming down!  We’re expecting six inches by morning. Time to get your skis out!  Can’t wait to see you on the slopes!” or “This just in. Mary Beth had her baby at 2:30 this morning! Eight pounds of bouncing baby boy!”

Our Purrfect Friend kitty can make someone’s day: “Good Morning, Jenn!  I hope you have a wonderful day!  I’m so glad we’re friends!” Or if someone you know is going on a trip, you can send them our  Bahama Llama with a happy “Bon Voyage!” wish.

Is someone in your life going through a difficult time?  talk_hang_in_thereOur little Hang in There monkey will bring a smile: “Harry, I was so sorry to hear about your accident.  I hope you are on the mend and will be back on the golf course soon.  We all miss you.  Hang in there! 

For St. Patrick’s Day, wish them a wee bit o’magic with our Pot O’Golden retriever, our Fine Irish Lassie and our St. Cat’s Day kitty. “Faith and begorrah, here’s hoping your St. Patrick’s Day is filled with fun and friends and lots of green beer!”

talk_magical_surpriseFor Easter, let them know they are somebunny special with our new Bunny Banter card. “Happy Easter, Aunt Sophie!  Can’t wait till we get the family together for Easter brunch.  Your green bean casserole is the best!  Be sure to get here early for the Easter egg hunt.  Love you!”

And, of course, we have lots of ways (and fun characters to match!) to wish someone a Happy Birthday:

Send some bovine wishes from our Holy Cow: “Holy Cow!  You’re having another birthday?!  Don’t worry—you’re still not pasture prime!”

Our Sweet Wishes talking cupcake can suggest: talk_sweet_wishes“It’s your birthday, Sally!  Time to get sprinkle-faced!”

Send Hogs and Kisses to a grandchild.: “Hello, my little Munchkin!  This little piggy is here to say, a special treat is on the way.  Hogs and kisses for your birthday!  Grandma loves you!”

talk_puppy_loveWith Talking eCards you can keep in touch, send birthday, holiday and get well wishes, invite someone over, celebrate an anniversary, graduation, engagement, special event or send one just because they’re so much fun! One happy customer shared with us that she was proposed to through a Talking eCard! (It was our Puppy Love design and she said, “Yes!”)

 So where to begin? Just choose the talking ecard character you like best for the occasion, type your message in the box, pick a voice and the talking card will deliver your note to your delighted recipient. We’ve shown you a few ideas on things you can say, but here are a few helpful hints to make your message even more special:

  • Choose whether you want the card to speak in the first person (Hi! I’m your Birthday Cod) or if you just want to use it as a vehicle for your message (Sending this birthday cod cause I know how much you like fishing!)
  • Listen to your message several times before sending it. You might want to add or edit. Always click Save and Preview after each change or edit.
  • If you’re not going to send your card right away but want to keep the message you’ve started, it’s a good idea to copy and paste it to a Word doc, as once you move out of the card (without sending it), your message will not be saved.
  • Play around with the spelling and spacing between words/syllables to have your message delivered just the way you’d like it.
  • If you type your message phonetically, you can even have the talking card speak a foreign language!

And now a word from our Talking eCod…


Here’s what we typed and how we typed it.  We chose “Nigel” for the speaking voice.  Click here or on the photo at left to listen to the delivered message.
Ahoy there, blue mountain friends!  I am so proud to have this special oppor TUNA tee to speak to you!   Just wanted to let you know it’s official!   I am one of the most popular talking  e cards of all.   Holy Mackeral!    I’ll send birthday fishes to anyone you like and they’ll fall for me hook…line…and sinker!  It’s FIN-tastic, don’t you think?  Remember, in cod we trust! Have a great day now!




New From

This is just one of the many new birthday ecards featured at, with many more on their way this year! There are special collections that work for your entire birthday list…

  • For Everyone
  • For Her
  • For Him
  • For Kids

There’s also a selection of Seasonal featured Birthday ecard, Funny ones and Talking ecards as well! Of course we still have all your favorites as well as the popular classics everyone loves. But you’ll want to check back often to see what’s new!



Our Newly Redesigned Blue Mountain Website is Here!

 We were very excited to roll out our redesigned Blue Mountain website last week and hope you’re all getting a chance to enjoy it! We have a helpful page for you that explains some of the changes that were made to the site based on the surveys and questionnaires you responded to as well as the feedback you’ve given us this past year. Just click on the following link to view.

We’ve now made sending our BlueMountain eCards easier and quicker for you
with larger images, easy-to-read fonts and, if you’re in a hurry, a homepage
that features our most popular cards to share with your friends and family.

Have fun exploring our new site and seeing all the great things we have to offer
and, when you get a chance, send us a comment and let us know what you think!



$10,000 Mothers Day Sweepstakes & Mother’s Day Quiz

$10,000 Mothers Day Sweepstakes

This Mother’s Day we’re honoring motherhood and helping you celebrate Mom by sending her (or yourself… it’s up to you!) on a $10,000 dream vacation.  Here’s how…

  1. Click on the image to the right.
  2. Fill-in your registration information to be entered into the $10,000 grand prize drawing.
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After you’ve finished filling in the blanks of your Mother’s Day poem, and  find out if you’re an instant winner, enjoy the option of sending your uniquely crafted poem to a special mom in a Mother’s Day eCard or by e-mail.

Honor mom and win big – good luck!

Fun Mother’s Day Quiz:

Another way to have fun this Mother’s Day is by playing a Mother’s Day Quiz: “What Makes a Great Mom.” What qualities in a mom inspire you to be a great mom, yourself? Take our quiz to find out, then see what your answers reveal about you.  Enjoy celebrating mom and learn something new about yourself!

 Happy Mother’s Day!



Happy New You!

The New Year is upon us with promises of attitude adjustments and hopeful tomorrows!  We get to take a panoramic view and look at everything from that oh-so last year hair style, to our jobs, to the things that bring a laugh or the things we know we don’t want to repeat again.  With our colorful New Year’s glasses on we can make a resolution to be smarter, thinner, more spiritual, richer, or even kinder as the year begins.  After all, it’s time to be optimistic, burn some rubber over the past, and keep moving.  Ready! Set!  Wait…

Hold on!  Maybe we need a new compass here.  This could be a good time to tap into the resources of the One with the big GPS system, (Glorious Personal Services) and notice that we might yet have room to be molded and shaped.  We’re still the clay as the New Year starts, and perhaps more open to new designs and deeper impressions.

We might not be as pliable as we once were, but we’re still soft enough to be reshaped and redesigned for new purposes.  In fact, we could be getting ready to face the best year yet!  Wow!  To that idea, we might start out with a big round of thanks for all we’ve been, for all we hope for and for all we yet believe is possible.  The fact is, everything is possible!

Let’s start the New Year with a happy dance for the things that have worked to make us unique in the presence of others.   Then, let’s step out into the proverbial and the real world of possibility.  Let’s recharge, refocus, review all that we want and make a plan to go after it.  Now, mind you, we can’t simply make a resolution to lose five pounds, we have to make a re-soul-ution to lose all those things that hold us back, and embrace the good and happy things that move us forward.  Come on!  You can do it right from where you are!  Start something new and be open and willing to see where the path leads.

Remember, you are not alone in this challenge of shaping and changing things up a notch.  You’re already beautiful to those who love you, who want only good things for you, and who see you becoming amazing in even more incredible ways.

Happy New Year to you…to us…it’s going to be exciting!   Yes, happy new YOU!



New Year’s Resolutions

Every year, we make New Year’s resolutions in order to “put away” the old year and welcome in the new. But while we may start off with a go-getter attitude and lots of motivation, those resolutions seem to fall by the wayside too soon. Here are some tips for keeping and conquering two of the most popular resolutions: 1) spending more time with family and friends, and 2) losing weight.

Spending More Time With Family and Friends

With the age of email, Facebook and other forms of social media, we’ve become complacent in our relationships. It’s simply easier to text someone rather than reaching out with your voice, or posting to a Facebook wall rather than asking “what’s up?” in person. Some simple things to help you get a bit more of “you” back into your relationships can include:

1) Send an ecard, a paper card or handwritten note.

2) Instead of texting, make an actual phone call.

3) Make a date with your friends once a month – a regular “girls night out” or meet-up anywhere keeps bonds strong.

4) “Unplug” your computer once a week and take that time to take a relative to a movie, or go for a walk in the park.

5) Sit down to a meal with your family – at the table, not in front of the TV. Whether at home or in a restaurant, regular meals together help with communication.

Losing Weight / Getting Fit

Whether your resolution is to lose weight or simply to get in shape, resolving to get healthy is an important but difficult goal for many. Stay on track and motivated by incorporating these tips into your routine.

1) Start a food / exercise journal to track your eating and activity habits. Seeing these things written down can help you see where there’s room for improvement and where you’re succeeding! It’s your “proof” of effort.

2) Go slow! You didn’t gain the unwanted weight in a day or a week, so don’t expect to lose it that quickly. Go into your resolution knowing that this is a longer-term commitment.

3) Set measurable goals. Don’t just say, “I want to lose weight.” Instead, make a plan to lose 5 pounds by January 31st, or whatever that goal may be. Be specific and realistic – no one healthily loses 20 pounds in two weeks! (see “Go Slow”).

4) MOVE! Increasing your activity will burn more calories and boost your energy. Consult your doctor or a trainer for the best routines that deliver the most results. A mix of stretching, cardio and strength training is a good plan, but realize that even if you can’t get to the gym every day, simple things like taking short walks will help move your body towards your goal.

5) Clean out pantry. Get a new attitude on food and clean out the “junk” that may be hiding in your cupboards and fridge. Replace junk food with fresh veggies and fruits, and ditch the soda for low-sugar fruit juice and water.

6) Take a photo of yourself at the beginning and then another every four weeks – this can help you see your progress and motivate you to keep up the good work. Don’t just rely on a scale – take stock of how you actually look.

7) Get some help from your friends. If you have a buddy with the same goals, use them as a support system. Having someone to exercise with will keep you on track and honest in actually getting the physical work done.

What are some of your tips to keeping your New Year’s resolutions?