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March 2015 Desktop Background & Letter from the Editor


It’s March, and Spring is nearly here!  Yay!  Here at Blue Mountain, the spring, or vernal, equinox happens on Friday, March 20 at 6:45 PM.  We are so ready.  The equinox marks the moment the Sun crosses the celestial equator – the imaginary line in the sky above the Earth’s equator – from south to north.  The equinox is the day of the year when light and dark are equal and balanced. (It’s said that on this day you can balance an egg on its end.)

Spring is a time of hope and renewal.  Nature is always dealing with adversity, yet continually renews itself in spring.  Even after the coldest, frostiest, most challenging winter, spring arrives.  That gives us all a reason to be optimistic.

Part of renewal is letting go of what you don’t need. Maybe you’ve been storing things you don’t use, that other people desperately need.  But spring cleaning isn’t just about getting rid of the clutter. It’s about making room for new things in your life, things that uplift your spirit, like taking a class, tending a garden, and entertaining friends.

Spring is a great time to renew old friendships that have been hibernating over the winter.  Blue Mountain has many friendship and encouragement cards designed to put you back in touch and uplift someone’s spirit.  On March 17th, we honor St. Patrick who brought Christianity to the Emerald Isles.  We’ve designed a beautiful new card with an adorable Border Collie puppy, featuring a dulcimer playing an Irish classic.  Afterall, everyone is a little bit Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!

We wanted to offer our friends and fans a beautiful Spring-inspired  download for your desktop background, your phone background, or even your Facebook cover image.

March Background:
2560 x 1440 / 1680 x 1050 / 1440 x 900 / 1280 x 800Facebook Cover Photo / Phone
For help on how to install,
click here.

Happy Spring, Everyone!
Caroline Martlew, Senior Editor



Printable Love Notes

With Valentine’s Day peeking around the corner, love is most definitely in the air, and we at Blue Mountain are anxiously looking forward  to sharing warm Valentine’s Day smiles and hugs with our families, friends, and fans.

We decided it would be so much more fun to have you join in the fun with us, and so we’ve designed these wonderfully-sweet, printable Valentine’s Day love notes that you can print and leave for anyone whose day you’d like to brighten with a smile. Perfect for popping in lunches, secretly tucking in coat pockets, leaving on desks at work, or inside books for a hidden surprise. Your kids, friends, family, and sweetheart are sure to love and appreciate your thoughtful little Valentine gems. Enjoy filling your world with happiness and love!

Click here download and print these love notes out today!



What to Write in a Love Letter for Her – Free Printable!


How do you love her? Are you counting all the ways? When it comes to writing a love letter for that sweet lady in your life, don’t worry about trying to sound like Shakespeare. That’s not who she loves—it’s you. Your way of looking at the world, your feelings, your emotions…you. But if you’re asking yourself, “Where do I even begin?” the answer is right here. The romance experts at Blue Mountain have compiled a list of suggestions that will help you compose the perfect Valentine’s Day love letter just for her. (Psst, don’t be surprised if she treasures it forever!)

We’re also offering a FREE printable love quote that is made for printing and framing! When you combine this framed quote and your love letter on coordinating Love Letter Stationery from BlueMountain.com, you’ll have the perfect Valentine’s Day present ready to go!


Click here to print out this quote for framing!
  • Start with a piece of paper. No computer-generated letter, email, or text will do this time. For maximum impact, your love letter should really be handwritten with a pen on a piece of paper, preferably some nice stationery. (Download beautiful Love Letter Stationery for FREE right on BlueMountain.com!) Use your best penmanship and even try to add a personal touch, such as drawing a heart at the end of every line or adding a special doodle at the end of the letter.
  • Take your time. Don’t be in any rush to finish this letter. Choose a quiet spot and collect your thoughts. Picture her in your mind and think of all her endearing qualities. What makes her so special to you? Think of details rather than just a general impression.
  • Be authentic. Write simply and from the heart. Don’t use fancy words or steal a quote from a famous writer. You also don’t want to write in a voice that is different from how you ordinarily speak. (If you do, it will end up sounding forced, corny, and unoriginal.) However, it would really touch her heart if you tried to reveal a little more about the depth of your feelings for her than you have in the past.
  • Use details. This is key. You want to show more than you tell. This means, don’t just tell her how wonderful she is and that you can’t stop thinking about her. Instead, describe a situation that revealed her kind, generous nature and made you fall in love with her. (For example, when she cared for her grandmother or took in a lost puppy.)
  • Focus on her. Remember, this letter is about the things you love about her and your memories of her, not about your own qualities or romantic history. What is it about her that makes her beautiful in your eyes? What is it specifically that you love about her? How does she make you feel complete? What qualities set her apart from everyone else?
  • Don’t fret about length. A love letter does not have to be long to be meaningful. In fact, some of the sweetest love letters have been short and spontaneous. What really counts is quality, not quantity.
  • Sum it up nicely. After all is said and done, you will want to end your letter with a line that sums up your love sincerely. It’s okay to slant towards cheesiness as long as you’re completely authentic. Some closing examples include:
    • “I will love you until the end of time.”
    • “You’re my best friend and soul mate.”
    • “I can’t wait to grow old with you.”
    • “My love for you will never end.”


Handle with Care: How to Deliver a Love Letter


Every so often, you meet a special someone who compels you to put pen to paper (or fingertips to keyboard) in an attempt to let them know how you truly feel. This week, we’re giving some tips on how to write a love letter specifically for him and for her, but today we’re going to focus on delivering the letter itself.

While your words can be read and re-read over and over again as a cherished keepsake, you’ve got just one chance to deliver a love letter to your sweetheart.Here are a couple love letter delivery suggestions to make the act of giving the written contents of your heart a beautiful and memorable experience.


A Sweet Surprise. If you happen to live with the person you plan on giving a love letter to, there are some cute, creative ways to surprise them with it. If your loved one takes his or her lunch to work, sneak a love letter in next to their sandwich or fruit. (Hint: You may want to seal your letter in its own little plastic baggie to avoid getting any stains or food odors on it in case something spills!) Is your special someone an avid reader? Slip your love letter into the pages of the book they’re currently reading in lieu of a bookmark. Get creative with the ways you can offer a surprise delivery.

Enlist Your Four-Legged Friends for Help. Is your special someone an animal lover? Think about asking them to accompany you and Fido to the dog park to get in some playtime   If there’s an enclosed area to let your pet romp freely, secretly attach your love letter to your pooch’s collar and throw a stick for Fido to retrieve. When he comes bounding back, direct your dog to your special girl or guy to deliver your love letter to them.


Send a Long Distance Message in a Bottle. If you’re involved in a long-distance relationship, it can be difficult not being able to be with your guy or girl as often as you’d like. Sending a thoughtful care package can be a wonderful romantic gesture. Instead of simply mailing your love letter as-is, you can plan a grand love letter delivery by placing your note in a beautiful bottle (picked up from a craft store or even a yard sale) and stashing your note inside. Wrap your bottle in bubble wrap and mail it in a box. They’ll never expect to find a message in a bottle inside of a much larger box. Good things can come in bigger packages!

A Scavenger Hunt for Your Sweetheart. Who says you can’t make ‘em work for it just a little bit? Design a fun scavenger hunt to guide your special someone to your letter. Your scavenger hunt can be as simple or as outrageous as you like. If you’d like to keep it simple, leave a trail of rose petals leading to your letter. For a more adventurous scavenger hunt, leave little rhyming clues around the house to guide them to the next clue until they eventually find your letter. Keep the clues simple and use them as an opportunity to create more excitement around eventually finding the note as a sweet reward.

In person. While creative ways to deliver a love letter are always wonderful, thoughtful, and appreciated, there is something truly special about handing your words (and heart) to someone in-person and seeing the look on their face as they read it.



What to Write in a Love Letter for Him – Free Printable!


As that sentimental, love-filled holiday we call Valentine’s Day approaches, you’re probably thinking of how to best express your romantic affection for that very special someone. How about putting your feelings into words by writing a beautiful love letter just for him? If you find your thoughts don’t always flow quite as easily as you’d like, you may find it really difficult to come up with just the right words to convey exactly how you feel. No worries. Blue Mountain is here for you!

Our lovebird experts have compiled the following steps that will help you write that perfect love letter exclusively for him. We’re also offering a FREE printable love quote that is made for printing and framing! When you combine this framed quote and your love letter on coordinating Love Letter Stationery from BlueMountain.com, you’ll have the perfect Valentine’s Day present ready to go!

Click here to print out this quote for framing!
  • Find the right spot.
    You’ll want to find a nice quiet space in which to write, away from all phones, computers, and other distractions. If you’re comfortable and unhurried, your letter-writing process will be much more relaxing, enjoyable, and productive.
  • Gather your thoughts first.
    Before you put pen to paper, take your time and go over your feelings and emotions for him. Remember key moments and events you’ve shared. What makes him stand out from the others? Focus on his best qualities and some of the kind (and maybe even unexpected) things he’s done for you, like helping with the dishes or fixing a flat tire.
  • Use your own voice.
    Don’t try to imitate anyone or use words you wouldn’t ordinarily use in real life. Be conversational and write exactly what comes to mind, just the way you would say it out loud. Your own voice is the sweetest voice of all—and he knows it.
  • Choose special stationery.
    A personally handwritten letter is the best of all. No emails or texts will do this time, sorry. As luck would have it, our designers have created some FREE stationery templates you can print right from home.
  • Don’t worry about length.
    Your letter doesn’t have to be long to be better. Short and sweet is just as good as any novella.
  • Write from the heart.
    Now that you’re set, let your heart guide you. Start with the reason you decided to write him a love letter. (Use your best penmanship!) Then you can talk about:
    – How you felt the day you met him
    – How your life has changed since you met him
    – Why you fell in love with him
    – How you feel when you’re together
    – How you feel when you’re apart
    – What makes him so special
  • Sign, seal, deliver.
    Conclude with a sentimental closing, such as “With all my love,” “Forever yours,” or “Your one and only.” You can even put on your brightest red lipstick and plant a kiss next to your signature. Or lightly spritz the letter with your favorite perfume. Tuck into an envelope. Consider adding your photo, a few heart-shaped confetti, or some dried rose petals before sealing. Add a candle wax seal using a heart-shaped stamp for a nice finishing touch. Hand-address and mail in plenty of time for him to receive—and enjoy—by Valentine’s Day.




February 2015 Desktop Wallpaper & Letter from the Editor


If you’re in a deep freeze, as we are here at Blue Mountain, you know that February is the time when the winter blahs can set in. So it’s more important than ever to find ways to make your heart happy.  And when your heart is happy, it has a way of spreading happiness to everyone around you.

So how do we make our hearts happy in February?   Let’s see.  February 4th is “Thank Your Mailman Day.”  If your mail carrier has been trudging through the cold and snow like ours, a thank you is especially well deserved.  “Presidents Day” is the 16th, so some of your favorite children may be off from school and available for fun.  On the 19th you can celebrate Chinese New Year 4712.  It’s the Year of the Sheep.  If all else fails, you can dream of spring.  Maybe our favorite groundhog won’t see his shadow on the 2nd, and we’ll be welcoming an early spring.  Before long you’ll be sitting on your porch, sipping sweet tea, watching your garden bloom.

But wait! I’ve left out the perfect day for happy hearts—Valentine’s Day!  Here at Blue Mountain, we’ve made some special Valentines for you to send to your loved ones.  In Valentine Magic, you can watch as the fairy, with a playful assist from an adorable kitty, makes a handmade heart.  If you’re feeling romantic, we have a beautiful new card that celebrates the joys of a lasting relationship.  In Valentine Surprise, you can discover where the sexy trail of clothes is leading.  And we have a new talking cat who will speak what you type for the Purrfect Valentine message.

However you celebrate, we’re wishing you a happy heart, for Valentine’s Day and always. We also wanted to offer our friends and fans a beautiful Valentine-inspired  download for your desktop background, your phone background, or even your Facebook cover image.

February Background:
2560 x 1440 / 1680 x 1050 / 1440 x 900 / 1280 x 800Facebook Cover Photo / Phone
For help on how to install, click here.

Caroline Martlew, Senior Editor



Recipes for the Big Game – Plus Free Printable!

As the biggest playoff game of the football season approaches, it’s time to start planning a party. But not just any party. A party that takes place primarily in front of a TV.  Yikes! What’s a hostess to do?

The first thing to remember about hosting a game-day party is to make sure there’s plenty of seating for everyone. Decorations are optional. Beverages are important. But food, well that’s what this post is all about.


1 Individual 7-Layer Dip Cups via Spend With Pennies
2 Crab Cake Sliders via Jessica Burns
3 BBQ Crockpot Meatballs via Sweet C’s Designs
4 Stuffed Mushrooms via Beans
5 Crock Pot Asian BBQ Chicken Wings via Stephanie Cooks
6 Stout Cupcakes via All Parenting

If truth be told, half the fun of watching “the big game” is the feast. You can do it up in grand fashion (think catered affair) or in a low-key way (think chips and dips). But what we wanted to share with you today are ways to make your spread colorful, interesting, and delicious, too!

The secret tip for hosting the perfect big-game party is to make all your food available in individual, easy-to-pick-up portions. No cutting. No scooping. No slicing. No dicing. To help make your menu planning easier, our editors have assembled some of their favorite recipes to share with you today. Included is a nice variety of choices, from fairly traditional to crockpot/slow cooker friendly and even vegetarian. As for the fun cupcake dessert, add your own cute flag by clicking here for a free printable. Then just cut out each entire two-sided flag, fold on the dotted line, wrap around a toothpick, and either glue or tape together.

Choose which dishes work best for your crowd—and may your favorite team win!




Winter Craft Roundup

When the weather outside is frightful and all you want to do is nest and stay warm and cozy indoors, it’s time to liven things up with a creative winter craft! Whether it’s a personal treat, something adorable for your home, or a fun activity you can do with your grandchildren, the ideas we’ve compiled for you are sure to fill your days with plenty of enjoyment and heartwarming pleasure.

1 Sea Salt & Sugar Scrub via Liz Marie

2 Winter Bird Feeder via Fireflies & Mud Pies

3 Finger-Knit Wreath via Flax & Twine

4 Sweater Pillow via Stone Gable

5 Frozen-Inspired Play-dough via Paging Fun Mums

6 Branch Chandelier via Better Homes & Gardens



Beating the Winter Blues


Whether you call it the Winter Blues or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), it simply means we’re getting mid-way into winter and those gray skies aren’t bringing out the sunniest parts of our dispositions. Well, some of us anyway. But honestly, if you’re feeling a bit slower, a little melancholy at times and you have less energy, you’re not alone. Especially if you’re living in a part of the world that simply gets less sunshine at this time of year, which is basically most of North America, Europe and Asia! As much as we hate to say it, women between the ages of 20 and 40 are also twice as likely as men to have SAD.

Not fair you say? We agree, but there are ways to combat the Winter Blues without having to pack up and move to sunny Florida or Brazil or anywhere nearer the equator! Of course a trip to Rio would really be worth considering! Oh yes, back to the more realistic remedies…


Get some sun or at least more light.
When there’s a break in the temperature, try getting outdoors more often. Keep your drapes open and your shades up and sit closer to a window. If you’re in a windowless office, try your own version of light therapy…bring in a lamp and use “full spectrum” bulbs that mimic natural light. (It has the same

Work on your new year’s resolutions. A CDC study states that there is a strong link between healthy behaviors and depression. Exercising, eating right, etc. all lead to a healthier you and a healthier you is a happier you.

Be good to yourself. We were only half joking about the trip to Rio. Beside the additional sunshine you’d be getting, treating yourself to something special is often a real pick-me-up. If Rio is out of the question, how about a spa date, a night at the theater, a sporting event or a great movie…anything that keeps you motivated and gives you something to look forward to.

Say “no” to stress. Even in the middle of a sunny summer season, stress is a downer. And while none of us can eliminate 100% of the stress in our lives, we can try to keep it manageable. Getting enough sleep is important, doing something relaxing is essential and, at times, doing nothing can be downright good for us. You could always sign up for yoga or try a little meditation. Staying in bed with a good book sounds pretty good right now, too!

Say “yes” to winter. If you can’t get away from the cold or snow, why not find a way to enjoy it. There are lots of winter activities to enjoy…skiing, ice skating and sledding to name a few. Again, the more active you are, the less stress you’re likely to feel and the more energy you’ll have.

Stay connected. It’s really important to stay in touch with friends and family during these longer winter months. They offer a great support system and just a chat over coffee or a quick email can usually provide you with just the thing that can brighten your mood. It works the other way around, too. Providing someone else with a cheery word can do wonders for your own well-being!