Top Ten Gift Ideas for Administrative Professionsals Day!

Anyone who’s ever worked in (or even seen) an office knows these multi-tasking staff members certainly deserve to be celebrated. And since 1952, when the day first started as a campaign to find more skilled workers, Administrative Professionals Day has become a top work celebration—right up there with birthdays and holidays.

So, how should you commemorate the day? Let’s take a look at the best gifts to give…and, perhaps even more importantly, what isn’t office-appropriate.

 Top Ten Favorites:

  • dinner with bossA card.  Either by itself or with a gift, a card is not only a thoughtful and appropriate choice, but it can also be creatively customized. If you haven’t gotten anything yet, can instantly deliver!
  • Lunch. At a favorite restaurant…or catered and shared with the staff.
  • Flowers or Plants. A touch of nature will brighten the day and improve the office environment.
  • fruit bouquetFruit Bouquet. Both a healthy and tasteful treat! Or try a delicious Mrs Fields Cookie gift from!
  • Gift Card. Make this practical present more personal by choosing her/his favorite restaurant or store. A spa gift card/certificate is excellent for stress relief.
  • The latest electronic gadget. Or a stylish cover/case for the gadget they’ve already got.
  • A personalized tote—big enough to fit a purse, lunch and the aforementioned hi-tech gadgets, all in one handy place.
  • Gift baskets…with a theme. You’ll be amazed at how creative you can get with just a few clicks online.
  • gadget giftA money tree! A great last-minute surprise—and who wouldn’t want one of these?
  • A paid day off. If you have the power, this is a great way to use it.

 A Few Gifts to Avoid:

  • The Overly Personal. Lingerie is obvious, but perfume also falls into this category. Even certain flowers can be misunderstood, so pick your bouquet carefully.
  • The Appearance Improver. Sure, a gym membership is generous, but it could be considered insulting. And nose trimmers are a definite no-no!
  • The Company Rule-Breaker. If alcohol isn’t allowed at the office, then it’s not an appropriate gift. Same goes for pets. No living creatures qualify…even if you feel like you work in a zoo!

Of course a ecard or postcard is a perfect way to let your administrative professional know how much they’re appreciated and we have a great selection to choose from!



EARTH DAY: Mood Board

Celebrating Earth Day!


The First Earth Day

Earth Day began in 1970 by former Senator, Gaylord Nelson, as a call to awareness on using and misusing the natural resources of our planet. It was embraced by twenty million people who already had concerns about sustainable environments around the world. Today, the movement has over a billion advocates who seek to help the planet go green and stay green.

Earth Day 2013

mBZCFA2The focus for this Earth Day, April 22, 2013, concerns the face of climate change and how these changes affect people from India to California to Japan. Everything from endangered species, to once thriving ecosystems, to destructive hurricanes brings new meaning to living on our volatile planet.

What Can You Do?

We can all help. From kids to grandparents, there are things we can do. First of all, make a commitment to become part of the movement for a Billion Acts of Green. Check the website at You can make a pledge to recycle, reuse and help restore the planet’s resources. Start in your own home. Get the family involved and see what you can do to stop wasting electricity or paper products. Go around the house and make a list of the ways you could make a difference. What else can you recycle or reuse or restore? Keep each other accountable.

For kids, consider having a scavenger hunt in the house. Give them clues to try to locate the areas in the house where you recycle plastic, or where you reuse coffee grounds on ncZ1jIUyour plants. Plan to give them earth friendly prizes or take them for a visit to the neighborhood park or perhaps go for a nature walk. If you bring gloves and a few trash bags with you, you can even help to keep the park trash-free. Or you can take left-over packaging from various items and make fun animals, spaceships, etc., that you glue, sew, or string together.


Other ways to become involved are to make
bird feeders, bird houses or bird seed cakes, and place them close by so you can enjoy watching the various birds in your neighborhood enjoy your Earth Day efforts. Or how about making plans to start a garden or plant a tree–great reminders that every day is really Earth Day and you’re doing your part to keep your world a better place to live.

A Few Earth Day Websites:




“WHAT TO WRITE…” for Mother’s Day

04192013_mothersdayA World of Moms

Mother’s Day is such a special time for remembering all those wonderful women in our lives who mean so much to us. Whether they are our own moms, our mother-in-laws, grandmothers, wives, daughters, sisters, teachers or other role models, it’s a perfect time to reflect on what each has brought our way and how they have touched our lives.

Gifts and Greetings

Many people remember their moms and others with anything from simple to elaborate gifts for Mother’s Day, but the one thing these gifts usually have in common is that they’re accompanied by sincere and meaningful cards with heartfelt thoughts. In most cases, a truly personal card is often a beautiful gift in itself. Something to treasure. A keepsake. A reminder of a special day and all the warm and loving moments it held. It’s the thing she’ll cherish most tomorrow and the days after that.

It’s in the Details

When thinking of what to say in your message, make some mental notes of how you picture your mom now and even when you were younger. Can you think of things you’ve done together, perhaps this year or in the past (going to a spa together, shopping for new school clothes, looking for wallpaper?) What words would you associate with her (daring, smart, funny, brave, thoughtful?) Are there specific things that remind you of her (pink nail polish, wine spritzers, kuchen, “permanent” kits, bathing caps, Chantilly, ironing bedsheets, Ivory soap, white gloves, knickknacks?)

What to Write…

Following are some ideas for things you can write in Mother’s Day cards for the many “moms” in your life. But it’s most important to remember that your words should sound sincere and that they came from you. As you read through these, think of how you can combine them with the ideas you thought of above to make the message your own. After all, it’s the little details in the words you choose that will bring a tear to her eye.

For Your Own Mom

Today I am reminded once again how truly special you are to me…
Don’t know how you do it, Mom, but you always seem to have time for everyone…
It’s not until we have children of our own that we realize what it really means
to be a mom…
Thanks, Mom, for the everyday things you do that make our lives so special…
Mom, I have so many wonderful memories of growing up…
You’ll always have a special place in my heart, Mom…
There are so many things I have learned from you, Mom…
Every family has its own stories, traditions and memories…
Mom, do you know how many times I’ve thought to myself…

Check out our Mother’s Day cards for your mom

 For Any Mom

You make my/the world a brighter (nicer, warmer) place…
What a joy it is remembering someone as special as you on Mother’s Day…
You have a way of making others feel happy (comfortable, confident)…
Today is special because you are…
You’ve touched my life in a special way…
You’re such a blessing in my life (You’re such a blessing to so many…)
When I think of you, I think of so many things… but mostly I remember…
For the special person you are and the loving mother you’ve become…

Check out our Mother’s Day cards for all moms

 For Wife

You fill my/our heart with everything wonderful…
Lucky me/us—having you to love!
You’ll always be first in my/our heart and in my life…
We’d be lost without you…
Day after day you fill our hearts with happiness…
I wouldn’t trade our lives for anything in the world…
I love this journey we’re on together…

Check out our Mother’s Day cards for wife

 For a New Mom/Mom-to-Be

A new baby in your arms–a forever love in your heart…
It’s the first of many happy Mother’s Days to come…
Your first Mother’s Day…awwww-some!
Your baby’s (going to be) so lucky to have you for a mom…
Wishing you joy as you await the arrival of your little one…
(A new) Love is on the way…

Check out our Mother’s Day cards for new moms

 Less Sentimental

Thinking of you warmly today and hoping your day is a special one…
With a heart full of wishes for a day full of happiness…
It’s a special day for remembering special people like you…
Wishing you everything that will make this a perfect day for you…
Relax, enjoy, and celebrate…
Hope Mother’s Day is just your cup of tea…

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bluemountain, friendship moodboard

Where Would We Be Without Friends?

There would certainly be fewer heart-to-heart chats, laugh-till-it-hurts moments, thinking-of-you calls, just-because visits and there-there-it-will-all-be-better hugs.

Because it’s friends who turn ordinary days into memory-making moments and simple talks into heartwarming conversations. Because it’s friends who remind us that they care by remembering our favorite songs, our special dreams, our most irrational fears. Because it’s friends who listen without passing judgement and who share without holding back.

So, where would we be without friends? Who knows really…just know our smiles wouldn’t be as warm, our days wouldn’t be as sunny, and our hearts would feel pretty lonely. That’s probably why great American author Henry Van Dyke, once wrote, “A friend is what the heart needs all the time.”




Wacom Pen Tablet prizeDesign a Mother’s Day Postcard and Win!

Are you a graphic design or illustration student currently enrolled in college or university?

Do you want a chance of having your artwork featured on

Do you want to win a new Pen Tablet to design to your heart’s content?!

Then this contest is for you!

Design and submit a Mother’s Day postcard to by May 6th for a chance to have your design featured on the website and to win a Wacom Intuos5 Touch Medium Pen Tablet.

How To Enter:

  1. Review the contest ‘Official Rules’ below.
  2. Create an original design for the Mother’s Day postcard following our creative specifications below.
  3. Send us an email with your postcard image file as an attachment to by May 6, 2013with the subject line: Mother’s Day Postcard Design Contest – [Your Full Name] and include the following information in the body of the email:
  • First and last name
  • Mailing address
  • City, state, zip code
  • Phone number
  • School-affiliated email address (i.e.
  • School Name
  • Year in School
  • Major (if applicable)

Creative Specifications:

By entering the Contest, you agree to the Official Rules:

NO PURCHASE OR PAYMENT IS NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase or payment will not improve your chances of winning. The Mother’s Day postcard design contest (the “Contest”) entry period begins at 12:01 AM Eastern Standard Time (“EST”) on April 16, 2013 and ends at 11:59 PM EST on May 6, 2013 (the “Entry Period”), when all entries must be received. Eastern Standard Time shall control for all purposes of this Contest. The Contest is governed by these Official Rules, and is subject to all applicable U.S. federal, state and local laws. Void were prohibited by law.• ELIGIBILITY: The Contest is open only to legal residents of the 50 United States, who are 18 years of age or older and enrolled in an accredited college or University at the time of entry. Employees of AG Interactive, Inc., and its subsidiaries, divisions, affiliates and advertising or promotional agencies, and the immediate family and household members of such individuals, are not eligible to enter or win. “Immediate family members” shall mean parents, step-parents, children, step-children, siblings, step-siblings, or spouses, regardless of where they live. “Household members” shall mean people who share the same residence at least three months a year, whether related or not. In order to enter the Contest or receive the prize, you must fully comply with the Official Rules and, by entering, you represent and warrant that you agree to be bound by these Official Rules and the decisions of the Sponsor-designated judges, whose decisions shall be binding and final in all respects relating to
this Contest.• HOW TO ENTER: To enter the Contest, during the Entry Period, visit the contest blog post at (the “Website”), follow the on-screen instructions and submit the required information to the email address provided ( Participants are allowed one (1) contest entry by submitting a finished postcard design that follows the specified criteria (the “Entry”):
a. Send your postcard image file as an attachment to with the subject line: Mother’s Day Postcard Design Contest – Your Full Name
b. Include the following information in the Entry:
i. First and last name
ii. Mailing address
iii. City, state, zip code
iv. Phone number
v. School-affiliated email address (i.e.
vi. School Name
vii. Year in School
viii. Major (if applicable)
c. Submitted files with Entry must be created to 1024×768 pixels at 300 DPI
d. Submitted files with Entry must be submitted as finished JPG, GIF and PNG formats are accepted in RGB
e. Image files should include your full name and phone number (example: joe-smith-440-555-1234.jpg
f. Winners will be requested to provide layered PSD, AI, and TIFF files after the Entry Period.
g. Your Entry must: (i) consist only of your design or photo submitted in accordance with the above specifications requirements; (ii) be an original work created solely by you as the Entrant; and (iii) not have been previously submitted or used for any other commercial use or promotion. Entries cannot contain any trademarks or copyright material owned by a third party, including music, and you must, both at the time of entry into the Contest and at the time prizes are awarded, be the sole owner of all right, title and interest in the Entry (including copyright and moral rights).
h. Entry may not be offensive or defamatory, as determined by the judges. Sponsor may not verify receipt of Entry..Entry must use and only use the copy provided, “ Happy Mother’s Day” or “Happy Mother’s Day with love and thanks.”
i. Entry must adhere to the styling and color palette examples referenced in the included postcard guidelines.• ALL ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED BY 11:59 PM EST ON May 6, 2013. Limit one (1) Entry per person per e-mail address throughout the Entry Period. Entries by the same person in excess of the limits stated herein will be disqualified. Entries submitted to the Website will be deemed to have been submitted by the authorized account holder of the e-mail address submitted at the time of the entry. “Authorized account holder” is defined as the natural person who is assigned to an e-mail address by an Internet access provider, online service provider or organization (e.g., business, educational institution, etc.) that is responsible for assigning e-mail addresses for the domain associated with the submitted e-mail address.• CONTEST JUDGING: One (1) potential winner will be selected by the Sponsor-designated judges from all eligible entries received on May 6th, 2013. Judging criteria will be based on strength of concept or idea [ 33%], success of formal execution/aesthetics [33%], cohesiveness to the provided design guidelines [34%].• ODDS OF WINNING: Your chances of winning depend on the quality of your entry relative to the other qualifying entries, as well as the total number of entries in the Contest.• WINNER NOTIFICATION: Potential winner will be notified on or about May 6th, 2013 by mail, email and/or telephone, at Sponsor’s discretion, using the information provided on the potential winner’s entry form and will be required to complete and return an Affidavit of Eligibility, Release of Liability and Publicity Release (where permitted by law) (collectively, the “Affidavit”) within 7 days of date specified in notification or an alternate winner may be selected. If potential winner is under the age of majority in its state of legal residence, the Affidavit must be executed on its behalf by its parent or legal guardian. In the event: (a) potential winner cannot be reached for whatever reason after a reasonable effort has been exerted based on the information stated in the entry form, (b) of noncompliance with the above or within any of the aforesaid time periods, (c) potential winner is found to be ineligible to enter the Contest or receive the prize, (d) potential winner cannot or does not comply with the Official Rules, (e) potential winner’s prize notification or Affidavit is returned as undeliverable for whatever reason, or (f) potential winner fails to fulfill the Affidavit-related obligations, the potential winner shall be disqualified from the Contest and an alternate potential winner may be selected, at Sponsor’s sole discretion, from among the other eligible entries received.• PRIZE: One (1) grand prize winner will receive one (1) Wacom Intuos5 Medium Pen Tablet: retail value approximately $349.00 USD. 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By entering the Contest, entrants will be sharing their personal information with Sponsor.PRIVACY POLICY: Handling of all participant information, including e-mail addresses, will be consistent with the Blue Mountain Privacy Policy ( All entries become the property of Sponsor upon receipt and will not be acknowledged or returned.• PERMISSION TO REPRODUCE ENTRY: By submitting an Entry into the Contest, (i) entrants grant to Sponsor an irrevocable, exclusive, paid-up, worldwide license to use, reproduce, translate, communicate, distribute, edit, adapt, copy and otherwise use all or any part of the Entry for any purpose relating to the Contest, for any other advertising or promotion or commercial use for Sponsor, or on or its affiliate websites; and (ii) entrants waive their moral rights, if any, in and to their Entry in favor of Sponsor, or its assignees and licensees.• NO TAMPERING; RIGHT TO CANCEL, MODIFY: Sponsor and its subsidiaries, affiliates, divisions, partners, representatives, agents, successors, assigns, employees, officers and directors shall not have any obligation or responsibility, including any responsibility to award any prize to entrants, with regard to: (a) entries that contain inaccurate information or do not comply with or violate the Official Rules; (b) entries, prize claims or notifications that are lost, late, incomplete, illegible, unintelligible, damaged or otherwise not received by the intended recipient, in whole or in part, due to computer, human or technical error of any kind; (c) entrants who have committed fraud or deception in entering or participating in the Contest or claiming the prize; (d) telephone, electronic, hardware, software, network, Internet or computer malfunctions, failures or difficulties; (e) any inability of the winner to accept the prize for any reason; (f) if a prize cannot be awarded due to delays or interruptions due to Acts of God, natural disasters, terrorism, weather or any other similar event beyond Sponsor’s reasonable control; or (g) any damages, injuries or losses of any kind caused by any prize or resulting from participating in this promotion or any promotion or prize related activities. Sponsor reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any individual it finds to be (a) tampering with the entry process or the operation of the Contest, or with any Website promoting the Contest; (b) acting in violation of the Official Rules; or (c) entering or attempting to enter the Contest multiple times through the use of multiple e-mail addresses or the use of any robotic or automated devices to submit entries. If Sponsor determines, in its sole discretion, that technical difficulties or unforeseen events compromise the integrity or viability of the Contest, Sponsor reserves the right to void the entries at issue, and/or terminate the relevant portion of the Contest promotion, including the entire Contest promotion, and/or modify the Contest and/or conduct a random drawing to award the prize using all eligible entries received as of the termination date.• RELEASE OF LIABILITY; DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY; FORUM SELECTION CLAUSE: By participating in the Contest, entrants and winner agree to release and hold harmless Sponsor, Facebook, Inc. and their respective subsidiaries, affiliates, divisions, partners, representatives, agents, successors, assigns, employees, officers and directors (the “Released Parties”), from any and all liability, for loss, harm, damage, injury, cost or expense whatsoever, including without limitation, property damage, personal injury (including emotional distress), and/or death, which may occur in connection with preparation for, or participation in, the Contest, or possession, acceptance and/or use or misuse of the prize or participation in any Contest-related or prize-related activity and for any claims or causes of action based on publicity rights, defamation or invasion of privacy and merchandise delivery. The Released parties assume no responsibility for any injury or damage to entrants or to any other person’s computer, regardless of how caused, relating to or resulting from entering or downloading materials or software in connection with this Contest. Entrants and winner acknowledge that Sponsor has neither made nor is in any manner responsible or liable for any warranty, representations or guarantees, express or implied, in fact or in law, relative to any prize or any component thereof, including, but not limited to, express warranties provided by the supplier of the prize (or any component thereof) or their affiliates. Except where prohibited, all issues and questions concerning the construction, validity, interpretation and enforceability of these Official Rules, or the rights and obligations of entrant or Sponsor in connection with the Contest, shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of the State of Ohio, with giving effect to any choice of law or conflict of law rules (whether of the State of Ohio, or any other jurisdiction), which would cause the application of the laws of any jurisdiction other than the State of Ohio. In addition, any dispute relating to the Contest (including these Official Rules) shall be brought in the appropriate state or federal court having jurisdiction over the subject matter located in Cuyahoga County, State of Ohio. Entrants hereby irrevocably consent to the personal jurisdiction of said courts and waive any claim of forum non conveniens or lack of personal
jurisdiction that they may have.• LIST OF WINNERS: To obtain a copy of the winner’s list, after May 6, 2013, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope by mail to: Winner’s List, BlueMountain.Com Mother’s Day Postcard Design Contest c/o AG Interactive, Inc., One American Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44144, Attn: SEO Product Manager for Sponsor’s receipt by Sponsor no later than December 31, 2013.• SPONSOR: AG Interactive, Inc. Any and all questions, comments or complaints regarding the Contest must be directed to Sponsor.

Update 5/21/2013:
The contest has officially ended.
Congratulations to all participants.
See the winning Mother’s Day postcard design from Contest winner, Rory Duncan!




taxday, postcard, bluemountain, monkey

It’s That Day, Again!

Every April 15th (barring weekends), America’s tax season comes to a close. As millions postmark their paperwork, file their taxes online, and make big plans for their refunds, let’s take a moment to explore the history of the day Uncle Sam comes calling and how it evolved over time.

Lincoln, the Civil War, and the Revenue Act

Signed into law by President Lincoln on August 5, 1861, as a means to finance the Civil War, the Revenue Act was the United States’ first federal income tax. Levying the earnings of anyone making at least $800 a year, the measure operated on a graduated scale, imposing the tax on gains from employment, property, imported goods, and vocation.

Over the decades, income taxes would be repealed, then later revived and collected on whatever industries were thriving, such as tobacco and alcohol in 1868. In 1895, the U.S. Supreme Court even deemed income taxes unconstitutional because they weren’t proportionate to the states’ populations. It wasn’t until the Corporate Tax Act was introduced by Congress in 1909, later modified into the 16th Amendment and ratified in 1913, that the U.S. tax system we know today was put in place.

Tax Date Shuffle

Originally scheduled on March 1, 1914, approximately one year after the amendment was adopted, Tax Day shifted to March 15th in 1918, then to April 15th in 1955. Although speculation as to why this happened is widespread, it’s believed that the date was moved to accommodate for the intense IRS employee workload. Some have wondered, however, if a possible reason is the increased interest the government can earn when certain taxes are withheld longer and refunds issued later.

Dreaming Big

04152013_taxday_pigAs you make your way to the post office, tax preparer, or if you file online, no doubt you’ll be dreaming of what to do with your refund. Here are a few tips on how you can make the most of it:

  • Invest for retirement
  • Save for a rainy day
  • Pay down debt
  • Donate to charity
  • Broaden your career skills
  • Take that dream vacation
  • Weekend shopping spree
  • Cup of coffee







moodboard, sunny day, bluemountain

Because it’s a sunny day…
Because something I saw reminded me of you…
Because you’re special to me…
Because you make me smile just thinking of you…
Because…well, just because!

It doesn’t take a special day or special reason to think about those we care about. It’s just something we do naturally because it feels so good. But what makes it feel even better is letting that someone special know that they’re in our thoughts. Think about it…doesn’t it bring a smile to your face and a warm feeling to your heart when you get an unexpected “hello” from someone you know…it can change your day and your mood in the twinkling
of any eye.

So go ahead and write that letter, make that phone call, send that email or simply send or  share a bluemountain ecard or postcard to make it a sunny day for someone you know!




Celebrate World Health Day!


Founding and 2013 Theme

When the United Nations was established in 1945, founders felt it necessary to create an internal organization that would continue the important health services offered during both World Wars. On April 7, 1948, the World Health Organization began that mission. During the First World Health Assembly that same year, many felt a day commemorating the founding of the organization and bringing greater awareness of health concerns to the world would be appropriate. On April 7, 1950, World Health Day was born. Known as a day of global observance rather than a public holiday, this year’s theme is hypertension.

Monitoring Your Blood Pressure

In keeping with 2013’s theme, here is some information about hypertension and ways you can control your blood pressure:


  • Nearly 1 billion people have hypertension worldwide; two-thirds of whom live in developing nations.
  • Men run a higher risk than women of developing hypertension; a family history of high blood pressure can further increase the likelihood.
  • Age plays a role, with those in their 50s having five times the risk compared to those in their 20s and 30s.
  • Known as the “silent killer” due to the lack of warning signs and symptoms, high blood pressure is the leading, but preventable, cause of cardiovascular disease worldwide.
  • Hypertension is known to complicate other types of diseases such as diabetes.
  • Other risk factors for hypertension include: obesity, kidney disease, and consuming large quantities of alcohol.

Ways to Control It:

  • Exercise, exercise, exercise!
  • Eat healthy and avoid sodium
  • Limit your alcohol consumption
  • Say “no” to tobacco products
  • Reduce your caffeine intake
  • Find ways to relax and avoid stress
  • Get regular blood pressure check-ups with your doctor

Here’s To Your Health—Activities You Can Enjoy!

Here is a list of activities to consider on World Health Day in helping to promote a healthy lifestyle:

  • Attend a local health conference or fair.
  • Start a health workshop in your area.
  • Set up a variety of contests surrounding health for kids with prizes for all participants.
  • Create healthy games and exercise activities
  • Make fliers and pamphlets with fun trivia and health information to hand out in your neighborhood.
  • Coordinate blood pressure screenings with health professionals in your area.
  • Help promote a healthy diet by organizing a buffet of fruits, vegetables, and other nutritious delicacies, and distribute easy and delicious recipes that reflect healthy eating habits.
  • If your city has a website, ask if you can advertise any local World Health Day events.

In keeping with the spirit of good health, remember to pass long these helpful tips and encourage others to do the same. Your heart will thank you, and so will others!