“WHAT TO WRITE…” Thank You Notes

Now that the holidays are over, you probably have lots of reasons to be grateful to others. And since it’s the little things in life that make a huge difference, taking the time to write a warm and thoughtful thank you note is always nice. Of course thank yous are appropriate all year round, so we’re including some ideas here to help you get started on any kind of message of thanks.

Reflect on the person and situation you want to address. Is this someone you feel especially close to? Is the thank you for a gift or is this about a person’s generosity or thoughtfulness throughout the year? If it’s the latter, remind them of how often you notice their generous spirit or willingness to do kind things.

Think about what the thank you is for. If for a gift, is it clear to you that they took time to choose it? Was their gift a reminder that you’re special to them? Is this for something nice they did for you or someone you care about? When you start answering some of these questions, it will help you develop some ideas of what to say.

Address them in a warm and personal way, thanking them for the specific gift or special thing they did. If they’re someone close to you, you can mention that you’re thankful for the gift, etc., but more than that, you’re thankful for their friendship, which you cherish all year through.

Let them know what the gift means to you. Did you eat the cookies they gave you right away or share them with your family? Did you wear the new scarf to work and everyone commented on it? Did their hospitality allow you to truly relax and enjoy yourself? Let them know that this gift has meaning for you.

You can then finish your note with a comment on how their gift or thoughtfulness makes you smile each time you think about it or let them know it added special meaning to your day.

The most important thing to remember is to be sincere…and to be yourself. Whether you go the traditional route or if funny is your thing, your appreciation will show through no matter which words you choose. So relax, and remember, too, that your note of thanks will start the year off right for both of you!

Finally, here are a few more idea starters that work well for many occasions:

Simply grateful for special people like you.

Your help was such a blessing.

Thankful, appreciative, grateful…that’s me because of you.

Thanks for all your special (caring) ways.

So lucky, so happy, so grateful for you.

Thank you for taking the time to be so thoughtful.

Could you have been any nicer? Don’t see how!

Thanks for thinking of me in such a special way.

Thanks…it was wonderful…just like you!

You’re a real sunshine-bringer!

You totally “out-niced” yourself!

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