Top Ten Funny Christmas eCards!

Top Ten Funny Christmas eCards!

It’s never been so easy—or so fun—to send holiday smiles from across the miles. Funny Christmas ecards are a great way to put a happy ho, ho, ho in the hearts of those you care about. From mild to wild, there’s an eCard here to tickle anyone’s funny bone!

Top Ten Funny Christmas eCards! Nothing quite says “Cool Yule” like a little reggae.

Warning: This Tropical Christmas Song ecard will have you feeling so laid back, you might not get all your shopping done!

Top Ten Funny Christmas eCards!

  1. Q. What do you call frogs who love Christmas?
  2. A. Mistletoads!

The un-frog-ettable Mistletoad Jingle is sure to put a smile on the face of even the Scroogiest person on your list. Totally ribbiting.

Top Ten Funny Christmas eCards! Penguin Medley combines video and classical music in a way that makes you ask, “How did they get those penguins to do THAT?!” Smile. Send.  Repeat.

Top Ten Funny Christmas eCards!

It’s Christmastime in the city? Not at the Christmas Hoedown. These all-singing, all-dancing farm animals are kickin’ it Old MacDonald style. Send a toe-tappin’ good time as they twirl, sing and do-si-do their way through this hoedown throwdown.

Top Ten Funny Christmas eCards! Know how there’s always that one friend who sends the cuuuuuuuutest greetings to everyone? Be that friend.

Woodland Concert will add a little joy to your world…and theirs.

Top Ten Funny Christmas eCards!

Do NOT send La Christmas Song unless you want your friends and family to use words like adorable, sophisticated and smart when they describe your Christmas ecard. Ze French, zay have a way, no?

Top Ten Funny Christmas eCards!

Why settle for regular carolers, when you can send Caroling Bee-Bop Penguins! This bum-bitty ditty will bring you back to the age of tailfins and street-corner doo-wop.  Can you dig it, Daddi-o?

Top Ten Funny Christmas eCards!

Feeling like getting on Santa’s Naughty List?  One sure way is to send The Wrong House, perfect for the toilet humor enthusiast on your list. This isn’t just a funny Christmas ecard; it’s a “potty.”

Top Ten Funny Christmas eCards! Dog Days of Christmas  is the perfect way to say “Fleas Navidad” to the pooch people in your life. This original take on the traditional classic is a real tail-wagger.


Top Ten Funny Christmas eCards!

‘Tis the season to chew dollies—Fa la la la la, la la la la! Canine Carolers is a howl!  Run, don’t W-A-L-K to this funny ecard, and click send!


So there you have them…and of course, there are more cute and funny Christmas eCards available at! Why not visit today and while you’re there, check out the large assortment of cute and funny Talking eCards as well. They speak whatever you type in whichever voice you choose!

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