Spooking of Halloween…

If it gets your broomstick all in a knot to think about how to address your Halloween cards this year, hold on to your pointy hat, because we can spell things out for you pretty quickly.  Halloween has been rising to the top of festive holidays in recent years and more of us are sending ecards, postcards, talking cards and “ghoul to ghoul” cards for the occasion.  You don’t want to miss the opportunity to treat your friends to a bewitching card and something monstrously fun to boot.

So, what do you say?  How do you spook Halloween to the ones you love?  It might be fun to think about the people you know and assign a temporary Halloween-appropriate character trait to them. If you were going to dress them up, would you pose them as Elvira or Elvis?  What would make their blue suede shoes dance and their hearts tingle?  After all, ghouls just want to have fun!

So, to help you pull out all the stops from your vampire vaults as you sign your cards, or to recharge your electric connections, here are some phrases that might zap your voltage meter and get you humming…

  • Cute—You’ll always be my favorite pumpkin!
  • Cute—Hope this Halloween tickles your funny bone!
  • Fun—(Frankenstein character) Don’t short-circuit your fun on Halloween!
  • Fun—A hauntingly happy wish for a frightfully fun Halloween!
  • Sweet—You’re enchanting and bewitching!
  • Sweet—Guess whooo loves you?
  • Silly—I’m batty about you!
  • Silly—Best witches for a happy Halloween!
  • Vampire/Mummy humor—Fangs for all you do for me!
  • Vampire/Mummy humor—Happy Halloween. That about wraps it up!
  • Fiend to Fiend—Thanks for putting up with all my tricks!
  • Fiend to Fiend—You’re so nice, it’s scary!
  • Love—My cauldron or yours?
  • Love—Love ya to death!

Whatever you say to the trick-or-treaters on your list this year, let them know you give a hoot about them. Your mummies, ghoulfriends, and cousin-its will be so glad you conjured up your very own spellbreakers.

Happy Haunting!