Happy Halloween Boo Mountain Friends!


Well, it’s been a very difficult Halloween week for the Eastern portion of the U.S. and Canada with the occurence of former Hurricane Sandy. And at Blue Mountain, our hearts go out to all those affected by this devastating storm.

Of course many communities are postponing their official Halloween “trick-or-treating” festivities to this weekend, allowing for more time for water to dissipate, power to be restored, and streets to be made safe again. That may not happen for a while in some neighborhoods so they will be hosting indoor-only activities so that all the children can
still enjoy this fun holiday, while making sure their safety isn’t compromised.

For the rest of the country, it’s full-on Halloween as usual…there’ll be loud chants of
“Trick or Treat,” apples to be bobbed for, candy to be devoured and of course, spirits, ghosts and witches abounding to add a little mystery and magic to the cool night air.
So have fun getting your scary on and enjoy all the bewitching ways there are to be enchanted by this hauntingly happy day!