eCard of the Week: “America Furever” Talking Card

With the national elections just around the corner, you can join in the political fray
in a funny way with “America Furever,” our eCard pick of the week. This talking eCard features a fun and “sparkly” pup who will deliver your personal message
for you in any one of several different voices (your choice, of course!) It can be
a birthday message…perhaps something like “The vote is unanimous, you should
have the best birthday ever!” or “Hope it’s a banner year, you deserve it!” Or send
and share it with a friendship message instead…”The votes have been counted and
the results are official, you’re an awesome friend!” Don’t forget to add your recipient’s name to your message to make it really special. The possibilities are endless and so is
the fun when you connect with family and friends in this unique and personal way. has other talking eCards you’ll love, too and also has a great variety
of Interactive eCards with games, puzzles and more…why not check us out today!