Get Your Summer Weekend Fun On!









Looking for ways to have some fun in the sun with the family this weekend?  Here are some awesome activities everyone will love.  The best part is, these summer excursions will work on any given weekend in a moment’s notice—no need to make reservations!  Whether it’s entertaining the pint-size set with trips to the zoo, or building sand castles on the beach with the grandparents, any of these cool suggestions is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Summer Family Picnics!

Nothing beats a fun family picnic!  Cook up some of those scrumptious summer recipes that have been handed down over generations.  Pack a pitcher of ice-cold lemonade and top it all off with everyone’s favorite homemade dessert that’ll make their mouth water with delight!

A Day At The Beach!

No summer can pass by without a trip to the beach!  Grandparents, pack a pail as you help turn your grandkids into amazing sandcastle architects!  Once they’ve finished their sand sculptures, how about a family-friendly beach ball toss?  On land or in the water, it’s the perfect summer family beach activity for all ages!

Pedal in the Park!

Looking for a relaxing way to spend time with the family this summer?  You can’t do much better than a bike ride in the park.  Whether you each cycle solo, ride a tandem, or use a child seat for little ones, a bike ride is a fun way to spend quality time together outdoors.  You’ll get in some great exercise, too!

What’s New At The Zoo!

A trip to the zoo makes a great summer outing, too!  It’s as fun as it is educational—a great way to introduce small children to the various exotic animals from around the world. Indoor exhibits are usually air-conditioned and make a great way to cool off as well.  Go early, pack a lunch, and make a day of it!

So you see, you don’t need to spend a lot to get a lot of fun out of summer weekends!  With all these suggestions at your fingertips, you and the rest of your family are guaranteed a good time any weekend you choose, filled with smiles and laughter!