Get Your Summer Weekend Fun On!









Looking for ways to have some fun in the sun with the family this weekend?  Here are some awesome activities everyone will love.  The best part is, these summer excursions will work on any given weekend in a moment’s notice—no need to make reservations!  Whether it’s entertaining the pint-size set with trips to the zoo, or building sand castles on the beach with the grandparents, any of these cool suggestions is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Summer Family Picnics!

Nothing beats a fun family picnic!  Cook up some of those scrumptious summer recipes that have been handed down over generations.  Pack a pitcher of ice-cold lemonade and top it all off with everyone’s favorite homemade dessert that’ll make their mouth water with delight!

A Day At The Beach!

No summer can pass by without a trip to the beach!  Grandparents, pack a pail as you help turn your grandkids into amazing sandcastle architects!  Once they’ve finished their sand sculptures, how about a family-friendly beach ball toss?  On land or in the water, it’s the perfect summer family beach activity for all ages!

Pedal in the Park!

Looking for a relaxing way to spend time with the family this summer?  You can’t do much better than a bike ride in the park.  Whether you each cycle solo, ride a tandem, or use a child seat for little ones, a bike ride is a fun way to spend quality time together outdoors.  You’ll get in some great exercise, too!

What’s New At The Zoo!

A trip to the zoo makes a great summer outing, too!  It’s as fun as it is educational—a great way to introduce small children to the various exotic animals from around the world. Indoor exhibits are usually air-conditioned and make a great way to cool off as well.  Go early, pack a lunch, and make a day of it!

So you see, you don’t need to spend a lot to get a lot of fun out of summer weekends!  With all these suggestions at your fingertips, you and the rest of your family are guaranteed a good time any weekend you choose, filled with smiles and laughter!



Happy Birthday Amelia Earhart!

Born, July 24, 1897 in a small town in Atchison, Kansas, Amelia Earhart learned early to rely on her own instincts and follow her own North Star.  She was encouraged by her mother to go after the things that interested her and so she excelled in areas often assumed to be the domain of men. Amelia wanted to make her own mark in the world.  She wanted to do something extraordinary.

Since her father was not a good family provider, she learned to take life in her own hands, finding ways to move her dreams forward.  She believed the best job was the one that allowed you to work for yourself.  As she grew through and passed professions that gave her a bit of celebrity status, becoming a fashion consultant, a teacher, a social worker, and an author, she became increasingly interested in the world of flight.

As a volunteer for the Red Cross, she had a chance to treat wounded World War I fighter pilots and she came to respect and admire their skills.  She attended Columbia University in 1919 with the intension of becoming a medical professional, but at an air show in Long Beach, California in 1920, her life changed forever.  Handing over her $1.00 to take a ten minute plane ride, Earhart discovered her passion, and headed for the big blue yonder.

In her first plane called “The Canary” Earhart set a world altitude record for female pilots by flying at 14,000 feet.  On May 15, 1923, Amelia became the 16th woman to be issued a pilot’s license.  She continued to study and learn all that she could about aviation, and did some teaching and writing to earn money to fund her passions.

After Charles Lindbergh flew from New York to Paris in 1927, Earhart set a goal to become the first woman to cross the Atlantic.  Dubbed by the press as Lady Lindy, Earhart continued to build on her dream to do things in aviation that no woman before her had ever done.  She knew her own limitations and worked assiduously to become more skilled, more prepared for solo flights.   Her desire to circle the equator became an obsession that ultimately claimed her life.  After flying nearly 22,000 miles and with only 7000 miles left to go, she and her co-pilot went down somewhere in the Pacific, near Howland Island.  Though some communication transpired between Earhart’s Electra and the U.S. Coast Guard Vessel, the Itasca, Earhart was never seen again.  July 3, 1937 would end her dream, but not her legacy, nor the spirit that drove it.

Today, Amelia Earhart stands as a symbol for women everywhere to become all that they believe they are meant to become, to be driven by their own skills and passions, and not by the dictates of current trends or cultures.  We celebrate her life, her drive, and her intention to leave a mark on this planet, and to create a trail for women where no path had been before.



Making Memorable Birthday Celebrations for Kids!

Put on those colorful party hats, light those candle sparklers, and make a wish!  It’s time for birthday magic! Planning an unforgettable birthday party can be as much fun as the party itself.  Kid’s birthdays are a special treat, and the exciting possibilities are endless.  Make for memorable birthday celebrations with these fun tips and creative theme suggestions, and you’ll be on your way to birthday party heaven!

Birthday party themes we love for boys:

  • Cowboys and the Old West
  • Sports-mania
  • Astronaut Adventure
  • Superhero Madness
  • Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Predators

Birthday party themes we love for girls:

  • Princess Paradise
  • Ballerina Ball
  • Sport Spectacular
  • Circus Dream
  • Girls Rock

Fun Birthday Games!

Game ideas should match the theme. Consider updating an old favorite of yours from when you were little – think, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but with a cowboy theme.  Schedule brainstorming sessions among the organizers to have a host of games ready for all the party-goers – and don’t forget special prizes for all the winners.

Tasty Treats!

The question is what to serve in addition to the birthday cake and ice cream?   The theme will give your “party chefs” a range of options, but don’t stop there!  Up the fun-factor and give the menu items special names. Try “Outlaw burgers and fast-trigger fries” for cowboy theme.  Go one step further and create a graphic-designed menu to send along with the birthday party invitations.

Birthday Greetings

A fun alternative to traditional birthday cards are fun birthday eCards. Choose from funny talking birthday eCards, interactive birthday ecards, and even a fun interactive game! You can find all of these options and more at



eCard of the Week: Birthday Presents Interactive Game










Our eCard of the week pick this week is “Birthday Presents Interactive Game,” and this Birthday eCard is sure to be fun for everyone! The talented artists at have been hard at work creating Interactive Game eCards – a fun new way to celebrate a birthday, or just make a friend smile by saying hi. What better way to celebrate any occasion than by sending a fun game for friends and family to enjoy over and over again. From match games, to tic-tac-toe, and even a festive cootie catcher – these cards bring a little something extra to every wish.

“Birthday Presents Interactive Game” features a fun elephant who is ready to wish the happiest of birthdays – if you can catch up with him! Other fun games in this new collection include “Sweet Surprise Interactive Game,” “Pick a Wish Interactive Game,” and “Be Happy Interactive Game” just to name a few of our favorites.

Send and share one today to see what all the fun is about, and don’t forget everything else has to offer to help keep you connected to everyone that matters most in your life!




Celebrate Bastille Day this weekend!

Individual liberty, freedom, and equal rights…these were the intentions of angry French citizens as they stormed the Bastille, the much hated prison built by King Louis the Sixteenth. This was July 14, 1789, an independence day, the one that set the stage for a better life.  It was the beginning of a new sense of nationalism and helped carve out the current government of France.  Like the July 4th holiday celebrated each year in the United States, the storming of the Bastille marked a new course for independence and freedom.

We all love fireworks and a parade, and the oldest and largest military parade in Europe is held on the morning of July 14th, on the Champs-Élysées avenue in Paris.  It is witnessed by thousands of French citizens as they march along the parade route, culminating in front of the President of the Republic, French officials and foreign diplomats.  It is an honored tradition that is not only present in Paris, but in over fifty United States’ cities as well.

Whether you’re in the French Quarter in New Orleans, discovering decadent French pastries and other gourmet delights, or in Washington DC or New York City, you’ll find those who embrace freedom even yet and celebrate Bastille Day.

This year you too can become part of the parade, flying the French flag, singing the French National Anthem or simply having friends over for a bit of champagne and some French cuisine.  Perhaps a collection of French artworks or street performers would make your festivities even more authentic.

However you choose to celebrate, it is always heartwarming to consider the gifts of freedom that others gave their lives to establish and protect.  The leaders of these revolutions made it possible for all of us to taste real individual freedom and humanity.  It’s always good to knock down the doors of oppression and open the windows of real liberty.   Isn’t it time for some delectable éclairs, Cherie?



eCard of the Week: Happy 4th Postcard









“America is a tune.  It must be sung together.”  _ Gerald Stanley Lee

America’s birthday is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate than with our eCard of the Week – Happy 4th postcard! Of course our choice this week was inspired by all the festivities we’re getting ready to celebrate. We love this postcard because it has a great Americana feel to it that we think everyone around the country can relate to. We would like to wish all of our friends a safe, happy, and healthy 4th of July!