Your June Birthday – The Rose, the Pearl, and You!









If it’s not enough for you to be born in the same month as Johnny Depp or Angelina Jolie, consider the iridescent qualities of the pearl or the illustrious beauty of the rose.  Those incredible symbols of joy are reminders that you have a lot of fabulous qualities to share with those around you.

For one thing, you are fiercely faithful and loyal to the people you love. Your friendship means the world to those in your intimate circle because they know they can always count on you.  Your personal mantra is to be steadfast and true.  Just like the mollusk whose interior shell is washed over and over again with sandy irritants, waiting years for the treasures it knows are meant to be, you wait patiently for the good things in life for yourself and others.  You are adaptable and lively, clever and artistic.  You too know how to produce genuine pearls of joy.

As a constant communicator, it’s appropriate that your birth flower would be a rose.  In the Victorian Era, roses were the secret code of those who were not yet allowed to speak of their connection or their love for each other.  Yellow roses said, “I’m not worthy of you.”  Pink roses implored, “Please believe me!”  Alas, red roses were the message of love, the passionate symbol of unspoken delight.  The long stemmed beauties in red and white spoke even more loudly saying, “We’re inseparable, we were meant for each other.”

Yes, you are indeed a passionate flower, a generous spirit and a loving heart.   You lift up those around you no matter how much work it takes, never giving up, never giving in to doubt or fear.  You know that it often takes work for a pearl to be born and nothing is more important to you than seeing the goodness of life, in fullness and abundance.

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