4th of July Fun!








As you kick off your 4th of July with family, friends, and all that Independence Day has to offer, here is some fun  historical holiday trivia, plus, recipes and great gift ideas to go along with all your festivities.

Fun 4th of July Quiz:

As America celebrates its independence, see how well you know your 4th of July history with this fun quiz (Answers at bottom. Don’t peek!):

  1. During the summer of 1776, colonists created mock funerals of _______,    illustrating the end of Britain’s grip on America.
  2. ____________ was the first to sign the Declaration of Independence.
  3. The first American flag was sewn in May or June of 1776 by ___________.
  4. Congress declared 4th of July a federal holiday in ____.
  5. The Declaration of Independence was originally written by ________________.
  6. The first Independence Day celebration was in ____________ on July _, 1776.
  7. In Boston, the Boston Pops Orchestra ends each July 4th musical celebration with the ______________.
  8. Fireworks were originally an invention of  _____________ that eventually made their way into 4th of July celebrations!

4th of July Eats & Tasty Treats

No Independence Day celebration is complete without a cookout or picnic with family and friends.  Here are a few tasty 4th of July recipes to whet your patriotic appetite!

Start off your barbeque with some mouth-watering Grilled Beef Ribs! For a couple of nice side dishes, add some extra flavor to a 4th of July favorite with Red Skinned Potato Salad, or some Fair-Style Corn on the Cob.  For dessert, try something a little different with a refreshing Strawberry Banana Smoothie!

These traditional and tasty alternatives can help turn any 4th of July celebration into a smorgasbord of savory eating that’s sure to satisfy!

The Gift of Independence—eCard Style!

Share your patriotic spirit by sending family and friends a 4th of July eCard from!  Whether it’s through an adorable 4th of July Talking eCard, or a simple Happy 4th of July digital postcard, you’re sure to find some red, white, and blue that’s right for you!

Once you’ve selected your eCard, sending is a snap!  Email it or post to someone’s Facebook page with just a click.   Not a member?  Getting started is easy!  However you send it, 4th of July eCards are a great way to celebrate with style.

“Fun Facts & Trivia” Answers:

  1. King George III
  2. John Hancock
  3. Betsy Ross
  4. 1870
  5. Thomas Jefferson
  6. Philadelphia, 8th
  7. 1812 Overture
  8. ancient China


eCard of the Week: Happy Birthday Singing Telegram










Singing Telegrams – you don’t see these pop up much anymore, at least at your front door. But they are a great surprise to give someone on their birthday, which is why our eCard of the Week pick this week is Happy Birthday Singing Telegram. This adorable card features an irresistibly cute puppy singing a sweet birthday song for that special someone on a day that is all about them! has an entire collection of Singing Telegram eCards full of sweet songs that are sure to cause lots of smiles.  Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or just because – there’s a singing telegram for every occasion you need. Check them out today and let us know you’re favorite!



eCard of the Week: A Dream Filled Birthday










The summer is such a fun time to celebrate birthdays. Sunshine and longer nights make for a great atmosphere to celebrate someone’s special day. Our eCard of the Week this week is A Dream Filled Birthday, which captures the perfect summer day at the beach – and who wouldn’t dream of that on their birthday? It’s a great pick to send with a warm and happy message that is brought to life by artist, Pam Trautman. Send & Share this birthday eCard to put a smile on someone’s face today.




New Eyes for Old Glory – Happy Flag Day!

A New Freedom

They were thirteen individual colonies, paving the way for freedom and a new life in a promising land. It was the beginning of something none of them had experienced before, the chance to build a country, founded on freedom and human rights.

Betsy Ross Shapes the Flag 

When Betsy Ross stitched the first flag together in June of 1776, she probably didn’t really understand the impact of it.  She created thirteen horizontal stripes for the original colonies, seven red and six white.  Red was the color of valor and hardiness, of the bold and the brave.  White embraced the innocence of those times, representing all they didn’t know about this new land, and the pure hopes of its founders.  Adding the blue color of perseverance and justice, the stars of vigilance and honor helped round out the flag…the first United States Flag!

The “Stars & Stripes”

The first Continental Congress established the flag as a symbol of unity and freedom on June 14th, 1777.  It was finally given official recognition as a National Holiday by President Harry Truman in 1949.  The flag is honored forever as a banner of intention toward unity and independence, toward allegiance and freedom.  It inspired James B. Upham and Francis Bellamy to write “The Pledge of Allegiance” in 1892.  It caused Francis Scott Key to lift it up in song in an uncertain world in 1931 as he wrote, “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

The United States flag has been planted on mountain tops from Mount Everest to the North Pole.  It found its way to foreign shores in 1805 in Tripoli and to the moon and back when Neil Armstrong planted it on that lunar surface in 1969.  The flag is much more than a symbol.  It is the very fabric of American life, reminding all of us that it took the efforts of many to give us the gifts of freedom we have today.  No matter where we live, no matter who we are, we owe allegiance to the country that gives us strength and hope and renewal every day.

Let us see the American flag with new eyes and let us always hold a vision of what we can be just as our fore-parents did.  Keep the flag waving!



Choosing the Perfect Fathers Day eCard









Father’s Day is almost here!  Spending time with Dad to celebrate all he’s done and the love he’s given is what makes this day so special.  No matter what you decide to get for a Father’s Day gift, a Father’s Day eCard makes a great addition. They are fun to send and receive, and best of all, they let all dads know you’re thinking of them on their special day.

Whether it’s sharing an inside joke or simply tickling his funny bone, you’re sure to find some laughter in Funny Father’s Day eCards!  Make your greeting more heartfelt and personal with a Talking Fathers Day eCard and customize your message with a choice of characters and voices.  Looking for the softer side of fatherhood with a sentimental touch? There are plenty of traditional choices to celebrate the men in your lives throughout the collection. Plus there are great Father’s Day postscards to pick from too!

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Once you’ve selected your Father’s Day eCard, what do you say?  To help, here are some Father’s Day messaging suggestions for some extra special sentiment:

  • Thanks for being my hero, Dad!  Love and Happy Father’s Day!
  • Thanks for all the smiles and laughter, Dad!  Happy Father’s Day!
  • (for females) I’ll always be your little princess!  Lots of love and Happy Father’s Day!
  • (for males) To the best role model ever!   Happy Father’s Day, Dad!
  • Dad, you mean the world to me!  Happy Father’s Day!
  • Dad, you put the “Happy” in Father’s Day! Love you lots!
  • Dad, you’re the best!  Above the rest!  Happy Father’s Day!
  • You’ve got a special place in my heart, Dad!  Happy Father’s Day!
  • Thanks, Dad, for making me always feel special!  Happy Father’s Day!


Your June Birthday – The Rose, the Pearl, and You!









If it’s not enough for you to be born in the same month as Johnny Depp or Angelina Jolie, consider the iridescent qualities of the pearl or the illustrious beauty of the rose.  Those incredible symbols of joy are reminders that you have a lot of fabulous qualities to share with those around you.

For one thing, you are fiercely faithful and loyal to the people you love. Your friendship means the world to those in your intimate circle because they know they can always count on you.  Your personal mantra is to be steadfast and true.  Just like the mollusk whose interior shell is washed over and over again with sandy irritants, waiting years for the treasures it knows are meant to be, you wait patiently for the good things in life for yourself and others.  You are adaptable and lively, clever and artistic.  You too know how to produce genuine pearls of joy.

As a constant communicator, it’s appropriate that your birth flower would be a rose.  In the Victorian Era, roses were the secret code of those who were not yet allowed to speak of their connection or their love for each other.  Yellow roses said, “I’m not worthy of you.”  Pink roses implored, “Please believe me!”  Alas, red roses were the message of love, the passionate symbol of unspoken delight.  The long stemmed beauties in red and white spoke even more loudly saying, “We’re inseparable, we were meant for each other.”

Yes, you are indeed a passionate flower, a generous spirit and a loving heart.   You lift up those around you no matter how much work it takes, never giving up, never giving in to doubt or fear.  You know that it often takes work for a pearl to be born and nothing is more important to you than seeing the goodness of life, in fullness and abundance.

Know someone celebrating a June birthday? Remind them how special and unique they are with a birthday eCard from, or speak to their comical side with a funny talking eCard. Regardless of how you tell them, make sure you let them know you’re thinking of them on their special day!