Your January Birthday – Beautiful Dreamer!

If you celebrate a January birthday, you’re in good company.  Ben Franklin, Mozart, Elvis, and Oprah all share your birthday month.  January may be the month of new beginnings and setting new goals, but it also celebrates dreamers, those who may not know how they’ll get to their goal, but know they will.

You’re always in the pink because your birthstone is a garnet and garnets come in a wide variety of pink and red colors.  They symbolize strength, prosperity, health and perseverance.  If a friend gives you a garnet, in part it’s to wish you safe travels and protection.  If a loved one gives you a garnet, it’s to remind you that they want those safe travels to bring you back home as soon as possible.  Since the garnet was originally named for those tiny grains or seeds found inside a pomegranate, they also symbolize the seeds of growth and joy in a relationship.

Your birthday flower is the carnation, the symbol of pride and beauty, love and distinction and a fascination with all that life is about.  You’re a person who embraces life, goes after your dreams, and seeks the road less travelled and your friends love this about you.  The carnation, like the garnet, brings added strength, protection and healing.  White carnations are offered between friends, pink ones for those in the flirtatious stages of young love, and red carnations for those who’ve found their match for a lifetime.

So, as you start the New Year, just know that the world sees you as a beautiful dreamer, a gift to be cherished and a treasure to be around.  Celebrate all that it means to be uniquely you.  You’ve been born in the same months as other strong and unique people like Paul Revere, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.and Joan of Arc.  Hold your head up high, celebrate being delightful you, and have a great birthday!