Happy Cyber Monday!

So, Thanksgiving is over and whether or not you braved the mall over the weekend, Monday morning has come bright and early – and as you reach for your morning cup of coffee you might also want to grab your laptop because today is Cyber Monday!

Cyber Monday was originally coined by in 2005 in a press release when they used it to describe the Monday following Black Friday because they saw a 77% increase in online sales and shopping on that day. Ever since, Cyber Monday has boomed, and the name recognition has simply followed its success and retailers have even planned advertising campaigns around the day.

Shopping online has its perks including no bumper-to-bumper traffic, no lines, no fighting the winter weather… Plus, many people take advantage of the convenience of cyber Monday no matter where they are – and this often means at work!

And although convenient, safe online shopping should always be a priority, and as with any shopping spree, be it at the mall, or online, you should have a good plan in place to help you stay organized. Here are a few great tips for Cyber Monday. And remember, if you’re shopping at work, wait for your lunch hour – or don’t get caught!

Cyber Monday Tips:

  1. Stick with familiar retailers
  2. Be wary of AMAZING deals
  3. Insist on secure transactions
  4. Think before you buy
  5. Don’t shop at a leaky hotspot
  6. Use a credit card
  7. Question detailed information requests
  8. Don’t expect money for answering questions
  9. Create an online account to use for shopping only