Staying in the Pink!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and though one out of eight women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime, nearly 2.5 million women have become breast cancer survivors.  Aggressive campaigns over the past twenty years have helped to raise awareness and bring hope and new life to women confronted with the disease.  Each year, awareness is promoted through pink ribbons, digital billboards, walk-a-thons, and fundraisers to keep women actively involved in their own treatment and health.

Going from fear to cancer free is not an easy task and each woman bears her own badge of honor in the fight.  Survivors inspire each other, encourage each other and ease the way no matter what it takes.

One survivor said that it was her husband’s ability to make her laugh that really helped affect her cure.  She said she laughed her way to good health, totally believing that the disease would not defeat her.   Another woman said that the gift of cancer brought a realization that she suddenly wanted more out of life and wanted everything to be more meaningful.  Happily, she was given that chance.

Nothing stirs the heart, blazes a new trail and instills confidence like facing something really big and really scary and bravely overcoming it. Breast cancer survivors teach all of us the lesson that we need to embrace life and take nothing for granted.  They teach us lessons in perseverance.  One writer said, “Perseverance is the sister of patience, the daughter of constancy, the friend of peace, the cementer of friendships, the bond of harmony and the bulwark of holiness.”

Today we salute all women who live with such incredible courage, persisting in the fight and patiently believing in the good yet to be.  We are grateful for those who have survived and serve as beacons of light for those who follow in their steps.  We thank them for being constant reminders of the gratitude we get to feel as we rise again with each new day.

Thanks to all of you for staying in the pink!