Introducing Premium eCards and Postcards + Free Stuff!

If you’ve been on Blue Mountain recently you’ve probably stumbled upon our newly created premium eCards and postcards… but what the heck are these new products and why were they created in the first place?  We’re delighted to share that these original innovative greetings were inspired by you, created for you, in hopes of offering you new and exciting ways to communicate with loved ones.

So here’s how it started… judging by your feedback on our Blue Mountain Facebook fan page, you were looking for a quick and easy solution to posting a simple message on your friends Facebook walls – such was the inspiration for our new line of premium postcards. Additionally, we created a new and improved eCard experience that not only eliminates additional clutter on the page, the eCards actually immerse your computer screen for a captivating experience we think you’re going to love!  Check out some of our favorites below and be on the lookout for our new premium Halloween eCards coming soon.

A Bewitching Birthday

Magical Fairy Birthday

Birthday Miracles

Don’t Forget the Freebie!:  As a sign of our appreciation for your insightful feedback we’d like to give you the opportunity to try our new products absolutely free for the next 2 weeks!  Click on the image below to start sending today.

Free Blue Mountain eCards