Holiday: Books Are Like Chocolate! Happy Book Lovers Day!

You may be able to remember your first time.  You waited with great anticipation, wondering just how it would feel when you first entered the room.  You thought about what it would be like, how you would contain your excitement as you let your fingers run over the spines of your favorite characters?  You might not have known the authors by name yet, but you knew that your relationship had already begun, you were hooked and this was going to be a lifelong passion.  Books were in your life to stay!

The first library or bookstore visit was an occasion.  It was something to celebrate.  You knew you were going to have to make choices, big choices.  It was something like choosing the best chocolate from the box and not knowing exactly what would be inside.  Would you get one that was kind of nutty and fun?  Would you get one that was beautiful on the outside, but rather lackluster on the inside?  Oh, no matter!  You were there and the adventure was simply unrivaled.

Sure, you’ve calmed down now.  You’re not quite as carried away with the chance to add a new book to your shelf and yet, something lingers, some sense of awe at what the bookstore beholds.  By now, you’ve read the kind of romantic fiction that melts away like chocolate drops on a summer day.  You’ve read nonfiction that gave you pause, a lot to ponder, something you simply had to digest.  Yes, it’s still a candy box moment.  Whether you can wander through the specialty books wrapped in gold foil or embossed with intrigue, or whether you look for the simpler sustainable styles, this is your world.

The book lovers, and you know who you are, never quite get over the thrill of winding their way through the stacks, wondering just which one will be the most exquisite, which one will be chocolate decadence.  No matter!  You know it’s there and with your experience and diligence, you’ll soon be quietly slipping between the covers with a little mocha blend close at hand.  Enjoy!  You deserve it!



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    Love the comparison of books and chocolate. There are some of each you never want to finish but do. But, there’s always another book on the library shelf and another great piece of chocolate! :-)