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Friendship…Your Timeless Treasure

You’ve got new ones, some cappuccino ones, and some older than dirt ones, but no matter what your definition, you’ve got some…friends that is…the most valuable asset to your life.  It doesn’t matter how big your house is or how … Continue reading

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Let's Celebrate International Children's Day

It’s great to be a kid! At least, it should be, and that’s the idea behind International Children’s Day. In 1925, delegates at the World Conference for the Well-being of Children proclaimed June 1 as a day dedicated to promoting … Continue reading

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Great BBQ and Grilling Recipes for Memorial Day

 Memorial Day— it’s the unofficial start of summer! However, while the day has become synonymous with cookouts and fun, it was originally known as Decoration Day, a time of remembrance for soldiers who died during the Civil War. Over the … Continue reading

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National Endangered Species Day

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to see a wild animal in its natural habitat, you know it’s a beautiful sight. From Cougars, Bighorn Sheep, and Jaguars, to Green Sea Turtles, Gray Wolves and Steller Sea Lions, these animals and … Continue reading

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Lucky You…It’s Friday the 13th!

Would you get married, start a business, or do a parachute jump on Friday the 13th?  Most of us would not consciously admit we give this day any real regard and yet, a little anxiety crosses our path like the … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Limerick Poet, Edward Lear!

There was an Old Man with a beard, Who said ‘It is just as I feared! – Two Owls and a Hen, Four Larks and a Wren, Have all built their nests in my beard!’ There once was a poet … Continue reading

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$10,000 Mother’s Day Sweepstakes & Mother’s Day Quiz

$10,000 Mother’s Day Sweepstakes This Mother’s Day we’re honoring motherhood and helping you celebrate Mom by sending her (or yourself… it’s up to you!) on a $10,000 dream vacation.  Here’s how… Click on the image to the right. Fill-in your registration … Continue reading

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Cinco de Mayo Recipes

It’s Cinco de Mayo—time to bring out the margaritas, pass around the salsa, and let the mariachi band play!  May 5th actually commemorates the 1862 victory at the Battle of Puebla, when the Mexican army defeated the French. However, in … Continue reading

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BlueMountain to Contribute $10,000 When You "Choose You"

“Choose You” is a movement created by the American Cancer Society that encourages women to put their own health first in the fight against cancer.  It challenges women to make healthier choices and supports them in their commitment to eat … Continue reading

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"M is for…" Mothers Day Poem

by George Davis M is for…   Mom, you made me magnificent! A mirror-image of your spirit, the same spirit I meticulously monitored as I matured. More than amazed at how you seemed to have everything mastered. Without missing a … Continue reading

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