Be A Blessing

Do you have any idea what a blessing you are?

You may not realize how special you are to the people all around you – even the ones who may never have a chance to know you as a friend.  You can’t imagine how many lives you touch in a single day.

And you probably don’t even realize all the things about you that make you special.  Things that nobody else can be or do quite the same way you can.

It’s a beautiful thing to be you!

But as fast as life speeds by us these days,
we can all use a little reminder now and then
to slow down and let the blessing we are shine through.

When we stop for a moment and think about the people
who made us feel happy in the past week,
what was it they said or did that made us feel so special?
And in what ways would we love to be more like them?

Maybe it was the warmth in their smile.
The sincere compliment they gave us.
A word of encouragement or genuine appreciation they shared.

Maybe they noticed that something was going on with us.
Remembered something that was important to us.
Or gave us a bit more of their time than we knew they really had.

And we felt good.  Noticed.  Appreciated.  And loved.

If there’s a common thread that runs through these types of experiences –
something about these people that makes all the difference to us –
it’s most likely the genuine nature of their kindness.
And the fact that they take the time to share it with us.

So, why not take a few minutes right now
to think about the people you’ll be around this week?
Not just friends and family, but the post office clerk,
the grocery bagger, the person you might stand behind in line…
Even if we don’t know much about someone,
we can think about how life might be for them.
How we might notice them in a special way.
And how we can make a difference in an otherwise-ordinary day.

As Mark Twain noted…
“One compliment can keep me going for a whole month.”
If we’ve been blessed to have good people around us, we know that feeling!

Showing others the kind of genuine interest that makes a difference
can be as simple as this…

Give them a smile.  A moment.  A little extra attention.
Give them the gift of you and the beautiful person you are – inside and out.

Because everybody in our world can use a little blessing.
How can you be one today?