Planting Your Own Garden of Dreams

C.S. Lewis wrote:  “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

What speaks more of the future than planting a garden?  It’s a flurry of activity.  Skillful gardeners plan months in advance.  They germinate seeds, plot spaces where the sun and the shade offer the most effective opportunities for growth, prepare the soil with special nutrients, and watch and wait for the best time and the season…and they do it all with great joy and anticipation.  Why?  Because somewhere in the heart of a gardener lies the seed of a dream, the thrill of ripe red tomatoes on a summer day, the fragrance of fresh dill and thyme.  It’s a beautiful dream and they know with some planning and hard work, they can make the dream come true.

You may not actually want to plant a garden, but you’re in exactly the right place to cultivate some new dreams.  So roll up your sleeves and grab your drawing pad.  Take one dream down from the shelf where it simply can never bloom, and give it some air.  Pick it up and look at it from every angle.  Imagine it taking root, sprouting with the loving attention it receives from you.  Remind yourself of the excitement it generated when you first conceived it.  Talk about it with your friends and allow them to add to the anticipation of seeing it come to life.  Plan the celebration that will come when you harvest the fruit of your efforts, when all the planning and dreaming become reality.

Your future is today.  Your time to dream is now.  The seeds of incredible ideas that only you can germinate are waiting to be planted and nurtured.  Have faith in yourself and remember that faith is always a word of action.  You’re already an amazing gardener and you’ve blossomed over the years, but you’re not done.  You’re still developing a crop of possibilities that will serve others in a great way.  All you have to do then is believe in the beauty of your dreams.  You can produce extraordinary things!

As someone once said, “Bloom where you’re planted,” and then take it a step further.  Plant something wonderful where you want things to bloom.  You’re already a master gardener and the people around you will all reap a harvest as your dreams bear fruit.

It’s a great day to get started!