"Snowflake" by George Davis

"Snowflake" by George DavisHere is a new poem written for you by George Davis.  We invite you to submit a poem you have written yourself in the comment section.  Please note: though we will not be making use of your poems, except to share them here, please remember that anything you post is public.  If your poem has been reproduced here without your permission, let us know by contacting us at the legal information page.

by George Davis

Created with purpose
Uniquely designed for a season
Conceived in the clouds
and set free from the sky
Falling fearlessly
into the unknown
Born beautiful and alone
I soar
Seeking acceptance
from the sea of souls
that awaits me
Yearning to be connected
as one,
yet set apart and cherished
I am not to be confused
with those who have been
here before
For if you look beyond
my likeness,
You will see that I am
nothing like them
And there shall be none
like me to come
I am a snowflake
The fingerprint of an Angel
Floating towards the future
Waiting on the Sun

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25 Responses to "Snowflake" by George Davis

  1. Very beautiful and insightful George. You sound like you are a published poet, are you?

  2. Karen Couchey says:

    This is a great poem, and perfect as I look out to see the first flakes of the season falling outside my window…. As George states they are “Seeking acceptance
    from the sea of souls that awaits (them)” – I’m not sure how accepting I am of them yet… But the poem makes me appreciate them more!

  3. Leslie says:

    I love this. It speaks on so many different levels of the anonymity of a single person/ snowflake being caught up in the hustle and bustle of life overall.

    GREAT poem! Keep them coming!

  4. MR. WRITE says:

    Write on, Bro!

  5. Chauncey says:

    Love it George! Somebody paid attention in English! Your descriptions are great! “Fingerprints of an angel” copyright that! Great work!

  6. Tenise says:

    Phenomenal!!! Multifaceted. Speaks volumes to any situation. Your writing is breathtaking!

  7. Jonathan Davis says:

    Very insightful and creative. Excellent use of words and a fine example of painting a picture with words.

  8. Kevin Cottrell says:

    A great read…read it twice and got 2 different feelings always a good think…Keep em flowing.

  9. Dee says:

    I love it!!! Congrats Gee!

  10. Chris D says:

    Very well stated, quite creative. I have officially become a fan!

  11. I love your imagery and symbolism.

    Here is one of my poems:

    Like Water
    by Lois Matthews Coletti

    It’s no mystery to me why watercolor,
    Spilling and flowing onto the surface
    Of the white paper
    Captures my being like no other
    Art medium.

    Boundless—that’s how it feels
    And in my life,
    That is how it has often been.
    I might be here now,
    But wait a little while
    And I’ve moved on
    Going around obstacles,
    Flowing through cracks in walls,
    Scratching a surface
    To allow pigment to saturate the paper
    Beneath it, a mark made by me
    And no other,
    To signify—I was here,
    Though I am no longer here.

    Indelible, the paint scratched into
    The surface is impossible to change.
    Even when I float it on, it is hard to change,
    The mark having dried.
    No matter—the moment captured
    Judging not the technique,
    Only that it is what it is.

    Water, composing over 90% of our physical being,
    Why would I choose oil?
    Or a smelly chemical to lay down
    Themes from my heart?
    Where blood flows in
    And out and around
    To a rhythm that as long as it beats,
    I know I am alive.

    Skyscapes, one of my favorite subjects to paint,
    Are likewise largely made of water,
    Vapor continuously forming and reforming
    Masses of clouds or delicate crystal wisps,
    Where only jet planes mingle in their midst.

    Skyscapes lift me above the mundane,
    Though the mundane and earthly
    They, too, can be beautiful.
    But perhaps being born in March
    When frozen ground begins to melt
    And turn into mud—
    The dull grays and the feeling of being
    Stuck in its murkiness,
    Cause me to yearn for the flowing of April and May
    And their cacophony of colors.

    A Georgia O’Keefe, I’m not—
    Desert and dried up landscapes,
    Sharply defined and magnified flowers
    With hard edges…
    These don’t thrill me.
    No the lush greens of spring or early summer,
    The delicate lace of trees just beginning to blossom,
    The ocean, rivers, brooks, waterfalls,
    Roiling in textures that skip over the bumpy
    Surface of my papers.
    The bubbling and thrashing sounds of nature’s water,
    Most beautiful music to my ears.

    My late husband seemed to know my essence was water.
    “Juicy” he said….rich, sweet, wet,
    Slipping almost effortlessly around
    “Let me ride the ocean wave
    Up the shore,”I cry,
    Let me feel the chilly foam surround me,
    And drop me on the saturated sand.

  12. Parks, Princeton Parks says:


  13. Breeze says:

    Lovely comparison of the one of a kind snowflakes with each of us uniquely
    designed individuals. Not a word is wasted in this eloquent poem. Send us more, George!

  14. Anthony Peterson says:

    Very illustrative poem that challenges you to reflect on life. Good stuff bro!

  15. George,

    Loved the poem. As I read it and looked out of my window at the snowflakes falling I thought…I’m SO not ready for the winter but it has to come! Hopefully only for a little while. I guess the “inocent” snowflakes have to fall :-) I loved the connection with the snowflakes being the “finger print of angles floating towards the future waiting for the sun” VERY well written. I enjoy the YOU in the midst of this. Looking forward to the next.

  16. gvbd says:

    Outstanding! Wherever did you get that gift?

  17. Matthew DeWitt says:

    Watching the sun go down
    It’s fading light shines
    Upon the mountain in front of me
    It is a beautiful sight

  18. Kesha says:

    Go Geo!!!! I love it big bro!!!! You are so awesome!!!! Muah!!!

  19. Beautiuful poems and will Share mine ~
    Our eyes looked to the glistening snow
    Pine trees covered,
    Sparkeles of diamonds on boughs in the moonglow~
    The happy times of the young, of dancing feet crunching the encrusted snow~~
    as we were just going home from the Christmas show~

    Now longing for the days long gone, of sleigh rides -
    bells ringing and candlelight glow,
    A Christmas tree with twinkling lights in the window:
    ‘waiting for our laughter and ahs!~~~
    For this was the way it was,

    Memories that play with the heart and mind,
    of warmth and family, and love of mankind,
    A gift we share as these memories unfold,
    for there is always a story that”s never been told.
    O Yes I remember when~~ By Nancy G Daniels

  20. wonderful poem So enjoyed it very much ~N

  21. Enjoyed your poem very much

  22. Luvvie says:

    Pretty dope, piece, Sir Davis. Pretty darn dope!

  23. Tierra Winston says:

    I L-O-V-E IT!!!!!!! Gorgee you always had a way with words. Sorry but I’m posting this on my page. lol Love you. Muah

  24. Aunt Linda says:

    One of my favorite nephews!! Such profound and deeply thought provoking words ….words of wisdom beyond your age! You have many gifts…this is just one of them…so glad you decided to share ..

    Love ya’
    Aunt Linda

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