Introducing the Oil Spill Response

It all started with the news of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  About ten of us from started talking about how we could get involved to help the people, the animals, the clean-up effort, or in any way we could.  We explored a number of  options, but ran into several roadblocks –helping the animals requires a license and helping to clean up would take away even more jobs from the communities affected by the disaster.  So the team decided to fly to Alabama to offer encouragement and support to affected families there.  The Oil Spill Response Team will be in Alabama the first weekend of December to spread some holiday cheer.  We will be posting updates, photos, and even video from our fund raising to our final trip.  So stay tuned to hear all the details!

Meet Stephanie Kinder (right) & Patty Price (left) from the Oil Spill Response team.  They are members of the Marketing Department, and talk a little about the start of the oil spill response team effort in this informal interview:

Do you know someone affected by the devastation in the Gulf?  They’d probably love to hear from you.  One way you can show your concern is by sending them well wishes with a BlueMountain eCard.