"My Hero" Contest

June 17th, Blue Mountain launched a free contest entitled “My Hero” on our Facebook fan page encouraging friends on Facebook to submit stories about a special hero in their lives.  Submitting a hero to the free contest nominated each proclaimed hero for a chance at winning a week long, family vacation to the Caribbean.

We received over 160 hero stories from cancer survivors and military veteran heroes, to moms that do it all and dads who keep the faith through hard times.  Every hero story touched us on a personal level.  Thank you to everyone who participated in the “My Hero” contest and for sharing your wonderful stories of the remarkable heroes in your life.  What a great way to let someone know their honorable actions never go unnoticed.

As for the winning entry… Mom, Doris, nominated her son Tom as a hero for his continued strength, positive attitude and humble demeanor.  Here is the story of our brave hero and winner of the grand prize family vacation to paradise.

“Few people know what they want for their future at age 13. Thomas did. From junior high he has been working to be a pilot. He went to a magnet high school so he could take aerospace classes and JROTC. He earned an ROTC scholarship and took electrical engineering in college because that is what the Air Force wanted him to take. He went through two years of tough pilot training, POW train, and water survival training. Tom never complained through any of it. He finally was stationed at his first base. Before he could fly his first mission he was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer last week. He still hasn’t complained. He cares more for the feelings of those around him than himself. His wife Alicia has to ask him if he has a headache; he doesn’t whine about it. Tom asks his friends to please support his family because they are going through a lot. He always puts others first. Tom waited basically all his life to fly, then just as he was about to see his dream of becoming an Air Force pilot come true he got a diagnosis of 14 months to live, and he was removed from being a pilot. But he took it with grace and courage like the fine man he is. For that Thomas Plasterer, my son, is my hero. Never have I seen such courage, nor a man put the needs and concerns of his family first like Tom has. I really hope he wins this contest.”

Is there a hero in your life that you feel deserves recognition for their honor, humility, strength or integrity?  Now is as good a time as any to let them know just how much their unsung actions mean to you.

“Not the glittering weapon fights the fight, but rather the hero’s heart.”                                                                             - Author Unknown

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16 Responses to "My Hero" Contest

  1. Rena Miriam says:

    Dear Plasterer Family -
    Praying for a miracle. Don’t give up hope.

  2. Angie Cheeks says:

    This story touched my heart because it is similiar to my own son’s story. My son always wanted to be a Navy Seal but at age 11 he too was diagnosed with a brain tumor. His wasn’t malignant but was life threatening due to it’s location on the thalamus. After being told by our local neurosurgeon that the tumor was inoperable we decided to do some research on our own. Our story is too long to share here but after a trip to NY and then to Boston, my son is now 23 and healed. :-) I would highly recommend Tom seek a second opinion at Duke University. Dr. Friedman is world reknown. One of his patients with a GBM survived 12 years when MOST are given 18 months to live max. I don’t want to give you false hope but I do want to give you HOPE! :-) HOPE is Duke’s motto. Prayers for you & your family Tom. Sincerely, Angie Cheeks/Guyton, GA

  3. Debbie in Nebraska says:

    There are lots of heros, but this gentleman deserves to win for all the reasons listed. It is easy to be a hero when things to right & the outcome is positive — it’s much hard when the outcome is UNKNOWN and everything around you seems wrong — all that planning & dreaming — to have it stripped away in an instant. May God Bless Your Entire Family and may the outcome be GREATER than what is diagnosed. Miracles happen every day!

  4. Janet Mailer says:

    Prayers are lifted up for you today. God shows the way. Perhaps today is the day for a gigantic boost of HOPE. HE is in control and HE will never let you down. I pray that today a door is opened, a way is discovered, and the future grows brighter.

  5. Lynette Hamilton says:

    My prayers are lifted for the Plasterer Family. Too often our service men and women are forgotten in every way. They make so many sacrifices and get nothing in return.
    I too say get another opinion. I am praying for your miracle.
    Most of all GOD Bless you and your family. Thank you for your service to our country.

  6. Jenny in Australia says:

    This story of a wonderful man and his dreams has touched my heart and my thoughts are with him and his family.
    I am hoping a miracle happens and Tom lives a long and full life.
    Never give up hope.

  7. Linda Smallman says:

    You will have many people praying for your family as you face this challenge. It sounds like you are a dedicated, driven, and positive man. It is those qualities that have allowed many to fight and BEAT their cancer. If it is in God’s plan for your future you will beat it, if not, God must have another plan for you. I will keep you close to my heart and hope that all goes well. Thank you for helping me to remember not to take a single moment of each day for granted.

  8. Maria Marte says:

    To the Plasterer family, God bless. Stay strong and believe in miracles. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  9. Shannon Story says:

    Tom, a word of caution about “statistics.”

    I had two friends who were diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Both were given 6 months to live. One friend died six months to the day she was diagnosed. Because the doctor said she only had six months to live. My other friend told the doctors that they had no idea how long he had to live, and that he was not going to die in six months. My friend did die … nine years later … but not of pancreatic cancer. Don’t let a doctor tell you when you will die. No one knows that. Stay strong, live life to the fullest, live in gratitude for all you have, love your family and friends. The past is gone and the future not here yet. So live each day in the NOW.

  10. Tom - Australia says:

    I wish you and your son all the very best, he is a true hero.

  11. Suzanne Gordon says:

    I pray for the handsome “hero”. Very few are really heros because they don’t put “others” first. Your son is an exception. He sounds like he lives as if he only has one life to live and only one life to give. Jehovah God is the great physician and He can heal if He so chooses. Pray, seek and find the best physician that God can use.

  12. My prayers and that of my prayer group, that Gods’ will is a positive outcome froyour son and his family. Too many times we see young and old people who have no goals or work hard for their own future and that of their family, how sad that this has happened to such a great young man whose only wish and goal was to serve others…May he be served with a miracle…Never lose hope.

  13. Darlene Joseph says:

    Dear Tom,
    You are a source of great inspiration that is ignited deep within all of us. Your inner courage has guided the light of your soul as you fly with the highest regard within our hearts. In more ways than you know, you have already “flown” hundreds of missions as you have touched the lives of others and inspired us to carry and exhibit your strength, forgiveness, and grace in our daily lives. Thank you for showing the way — you are a great pilot! Much love to you and your family. Stay positive and never give up HOPE.

  14. Rochelle says:

    If your son and your family aren’t hero’s, then we don’t know the meaning of the word. God Bless and keep you all in his hands.

  15. May God bless you and your family, never give up hope for tomorrow hasn’t come yet. You and your family will be in my prayers.

  16. Rina Payne says:

    The hero’s are not only those dealing, surviving and leaving us due to unforseen circumstances, but those supporting, helping and surviving the devastation of loss. The heartache, fatigue and especially the loss of living a healthy life can drain the strongest person that ever existed. My hero is my sister that took care of my mother in her last month of life spent in the hospital and the year before that when she couldn’t even use the restroom on her own.

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